I’m back with the complete rundown of my recent trip to the Nashville, TN area. As you may recall, my parents live down that way. Mom had a complete itinerary of fun stuff to do during my visit. At the top of the list was what we like to call retro shopping…or hitting up as many of the local vintage shops/ReStores/Antique Malls/thrift stores as we can in a day or so.

While strolling through one of the shops, I noticed this:

Retro Dresser

Look familiar? Yep, this has to be the cousin of the night stand I recently scored at the ReStore!

retro dresser

Unfortunately, this dresser was already sold (and too big for my bathroom remodel) so I just took a few pictures and kept on going. I did ask the shop owner if he knew the make and model of the dresser, but all he found on the piece was a stamp that said “Made in Thailand” so I’m still not sure which company made this series. Sadly, I didn’t find the dresser of my dreams for the bathroom remodel, but I am working on a few ideas…stay tuned!

Another thrift store I visited in the Nashville area was Cool Stuff, Weird Things. We checked this place out last year during my visit and scored some stuff. This time, nothing we couldn’t live without, but that’s ok…

cool stuff weird things sign

We got to see plenty of cool stuff and weird things

cool stuff weird things Nashville

The Jackie Chan/Elvis (and other fiberglass people that he had around the shop) were cast offs from downtown Nashville’s tourist area. Apparently the guy who owns Cool Stuff, Weird Things also owns some tourist shops downtown. When the fiberglass people get too beat up by all the drunk bar patrons, they retire to the front of this shop.

After we had exhausted the vintage shops, we swung by HomeGoods, which is one of my Mom’s favorite places to shop for home decor. I usually don’t find much since HomeGoods typically sells new stuff and I like old stuff, but this time I found some cool clocks

Nelson style clock

Surprisingly, I found these George Nelson inspired clocks (apparently very closely inspired since his name is on the box…not sure how they can get away with that…) that were quite affordable. I believe the two starburst clocks were $40 each…

…Mom bought me the ball clock replica. Thanks Mom! (It was only $20! It didn’t fit in my luggage either, so I’ll be waiting until Mom and Dad visit in July to hang this one up)

Have any of you seen the show American Pickers? Well my Dad has (I’ve seen a few episodes myself) and he remembered hearing about them opening a store in Nashville, so we looked it up. Verdict: If you wanna drop a few grand on something big that was picked from the show, you can. Otherwise they only sell T-shirts and show memorabilia…but it is fun to get your picture taken with the car door sign out front, right Dad?

My Nashville trip wasn’t all shopping though. Mom and I stopped by her friend Frank’s art studio (he’s a professional painter), which was huge, awesome and contained all sorts of neat stuff…yes I am jealous!

Then it was back to Mom and Dad’s for a little relaxation and a few cocktails…

Their cat Gasket gave us a tour of the garden…

Then the neighbor girl (who is 8) came over to show us her pet chameleon, Chucha.

I wrapped up my trip with a fun boat tour of the mansions on the Cumberland River (well, it’s actually a dammed up river, so it is a river/lake). It was a perfect day for a boat ride…

Mom was excited to show me the houses!

There’s Dad and I enjoying the cruise!

At the beginning of the cruise, we went under a 1950s bridge that was pretty cool…

…then we saw some waterfowl

…and then some huge (understatement of the year) houses

I shudder to think what the mortgage and taxes are on these places! They must have a whole crew of people that just clean it and mow the lawn!

I think I’ll stick with my 1962 ranch house, thankyouverymuch.

All in all, it was a great trip, perfect weather and a great time with Mom and Dad!



  1. I’ll take one of each of those clocks! I wish I had those around here. I’d snatch them up in a heart beat. I love the lamp on the top of that dresser. I’m looking forward to your bathroom posts. 🙂

    • Thanks thatmidcenturyfella! I don’t go in HomeGoods much, so I was super surprised to find that style of clock!

      I’m looking forward to remodeling my bathroom! I just need to find that perfect dresser! Craigslist seems to have been “heating up” around my neck of the woods in the last week or so, so I’m hopeful!

  2. Holy Crap! I’ve gotta check out HomeGoods, stat! Thanks for the tip. I need more starburst clocks…I’m trying to do a vignette on a very large wall and think these would look great!

      • I did end up finding a clock! In fact, it’s the top one you have pictured. They had one other clock, this fancy number: http://tinyurl.com/7obl59p, but I’m not a fan of the mirrors.

        As for a picture of the wall, welllll, that will be a while. We moved into our new home a couple of weeks ago and art/wall hangings will be the last thing we unwrap and put up! 🙂

        Thanks for the HomeGoods tip! Not only did I find that rad clock, but I got a great kilim looking rug for the foyer! Wootwoot!

      • Woah double score Diana! Glad you could find the clock of your dreams and a rug to boot! I don’t envy you with the unpacking, its been nearly two years since the last time I moved and I am still arranging things! Many blank walls over here that still need to be filled!

  3. I just picked up a George Nelson Ball Clock (by Kirch) that is bigger than most. I can’t find my measuring tape but I think it’s about 22″ across. I too found it new in box at one of our antique malls! $55. Whazzup with that? Dunno, but I’m happy!

    My Mom was just down there recently and told me about the Antique Archeology store being there. So jealous! I watch those bozos on Hulu. Dream job.

    Does your pops know he’s “sitting in” the car facing backwards?

    The Girlfriend often drags me onto things like the boat tour while I hurt myself rolling my eyes too hard. But then I always have a great time!

    Gasket looks like he’s thinking “really, you’re taking a picture of the cat?”

    • Awesome that you also scored a ball clock Mr. M!

      I do like that American Pickers show…it is just fun to see what they find (I watch on Netflix as we are “cable free” for nearly 2 years now!) That would be a dream job of mine also…I love the thrill of the hunt..but don’t we all!

      My dad is a rebel. I’m not sure if he knows it though… 😉

      Yes, Gasket is thinking “why are you taking my picture instead of petting me?” He likes attention, but not from the camera.

  4. I love your clock find! And that house……how do people have THAT much money?!? I’m with you, I’ll stick to a much smaller and more manageable place!

  5. Hi Kate,
    Glad you enjoyed your trip to Nashville, my home town! I checked out a lot of antique stores when I was there a couple years ago, and found the Downtown Antique Mall on 8th Ave S to be my fave. (Though I’m not sure if it’s fully air-conditioned, so be prepared if you go.) It was my favorite in terms of price (most antique stores in Nashville are kind of expensive) and selection of mid-century items. You can send your mom there to do some reconnaissance 🙂

    • Hi Susie Q.,

      We did go to the 8th Ave Downtown Antique Mall! (Right next to some Train tracks, right?) It was cool! I did think Nashville’s thrift and vintage stores were a bit on the pricey side, but they had some good stuff! 🙂

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