Hello all and happy Earth Day!

In the spirit of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, my adorable husband Jim and I made a trip to our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore again this weekend. My hopes were high after what we found on our last trip. I had my fingers crossed we would find a dresser for our Master Bath remodel, but even though the perfect dresser did not present itself, we did find something rather retro, that we were in need of. (Did I mention it was a bargain too?)

Behold, our newest addition:

After I got this little guy home, I gave him a good cleaning and some Howard Feed n Wax, then it was time for his close up…

Look at that quality construction! Dove tail drawers!

The drawer pull is very interesting…

The pull makes me think this piece is from the late 1960s..

The back of the night stand has a stamped number and there is a fragment of an original tag, but I can’t find any other markings on this piece…

Does anyone have a guess on who manufactured this night stand?

Of course I decided it would be perfect in the newly remixed Guest Room, but I had to verify my decision with my trusty assistant...

Thanks for the second opinion Leo.

Looks pretty good if you ask me!

I think it looks great with the Broyhill Brasilia headboard

I mentioned this end table was a bargain, but even I didn’t know how much of a bargain it was until I got to the check out. The night stand was marked $15, which I thought was a deal but since it was Earth Day, everything was half off…

Can you believe I only paid $7.92 for it? Me either!

Did anyone happen to notice my retro lamp is sporting a shade? It’s on loan from another lamp in my living room.

What do you think? It this shade the right size and shape? Too small? Too skinny? It was the only shade I already owned that would fit on this lamp and I could always have one made that is the same dimensions but a different color (cream or green?)

Until I figure out this shade situation, I’ll just enjoy the new night stand and my remixed Guest Room.




  1. WOW. What a great deal. And considering how good it looks in your guest room, it was obviously fate! I love your lamp (I’m glad you didn’t paint it). If I may offer an opinion about the shade, I think you are on the right track with the shape, but it seems a little small to me, at least in circumference. But of course to keep the proportion then it would need to be a little taller too. Lamp shades are always a puzzle, aren’t they? Everything looks great!

    • Thanks Laura! It must have been fate! I could hardly believe I found a night stand so awesome for such a great deal!

      I think you are right on about the lamp shade. Maybe if it were another inch or two inches in diameter and then a few inches taller, it would be perfect…it does seem a little smallish to me.

  2. What a perfect score! Leo was right, it is a pretty nice match. Oh, and I like the shade on that lamp, it’s one I would have never thought of, sort of petite for the bedroom but not silly small. And by the way, I love that green chair. Any info you’d care to share about it?

    • Thanks! Leo is usually right…That’s what I get for having a Border Collie mix! I agree the lampshade might be a tad small for the lamp, but I do like the shape. The chair is one of two that I got from one of my parents’ friends. They were the original owners. I’d have to check the tag to see who the manufacturer was, but I do know they have tags…I’ll look into it and get back to you!

  3. Congratulations on your find and your contribution to the mission of Earth Day! i guess there are no markings inside the drawers either. Take out the drawers and look behind them and on their rear panels. I’ve found markings (and identifying papers that had fallen behind the drawers) that were hidden by using this method.

    • Thanks Greg!

      I did take the drawers out and didn’t see any paperwork. I forgot to look at the back of the drawer though, I’ll have to do that! There weren’t any markings on the inside of the drawers either, but someone did some math in pen!

  4. I’m loving this room even more now! First – holy shiz on that nightstand bargain!! Second – I’ll echo what fabricgirl66 said about the green chair – LOVE it. Third – the lamp shade is just about right. IMHO I think it needs to be slightly longer and slightly wider. I’d love to see it in the same color as the green wall. But in the interim, the one you’re using looks fab!

    Nice job (as usual)!!

    • Awww thanks Diana! I agree about the lamp shade, maybe just scale that one up and that should be perfect. I’ll have to see what color green I can get it in, I bet it would look really cool with a green shade!

  5. The guestroom keeps getting more and more inviting! Nice score at ReStore! Looks perfecto with the bed! 🙂

  6. That nightstand is perfection! I’m with just about everybody else commenting here — glad you left that great lamp unpainted, and think a shade that’s a *shade* bigger around would be a better fit. I’d love to see it in a color — maybe on the brighter/darker side — and/or a nubby MCM texture like boucle.

    • That’s a good idea too Nicole! Hmmmm I guess it depends on what I can find/what options I have on a special order shade…I’ll keep that color in mind though! You’re right, maybe a darker shade wouldn’t blend in with the base. Thanks for the help!

  7. Kate, you know I think your design taste is right up there with my second favorite tall girl, Candice Olson, and I never would have said a word about it, but thank you for replacing the side table in the guest room. The other one just wasn’t cutting it for me. Whew!

    And I agree with everyone else, stay with the tall top hat style lamp shade, just get one that’s bigger around and taller.

    Great room.

    • Thanks nickarmadillo! I’ve got loads of things to get working on around here! I’m still actively hunting for the perfect dresser to make into a vanity for my master bath remodel…fingers crossed I find something I can work with soon!

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