May I present the mostly finished Guest Room Remix!

Ta-da! It looks so much more inviting for guests, more retro and of course, more invigorating than a mere two weeks ago! Of course it isn’t all the way done…I still have to replace the ceiling light fixture (which I’ve yet to find the perfect replacement for), make/put up some art for the bare walls and of course find a shade for my ReStore/Rewired retro lamp.

The scariest thing about this Retro Remix was the headboard

I had to drill my own holes to get the Broyhill Brasilia headboard that I refinished to work with my queen bed frame. The Broyhill Brasilia headboard I have in our master bedroom came with rails and a foot board to fit our queen mattress…however, without rails and a foot board, the headboard is only able to fit a full sized bed frame…unless you make some adjustments. I’m not gonna lie, drilling four holes through my headboard was really freaking me out. I don’t know if I would have been able to do it if I had paid more than $10 for it (when it was in sad shape) and refinished it (so it is no longer “original”). In the end, I got four longer bolts from the hardware store and my drill bits and just went for it…and luckily, it works well for me now!

I need to either paint (or make) something to go that large expanse of green wall above the Broyhill Sculptra dresser.

Who is that in the hall?

Leave it to the dog to point out what’s missing… I’m still on the search for the perfect lampshade for my rewired ReStore lamp. I’m thinking that I will probably not paint the lamp base (the off white/brown is growing on me) and look for an off white lamp shade to go with it…and of course I’m on the look out for retro bedside tables.

I am loving the starburst mirror that I picked up at Home Depot…it is just the right amount of glitz to make the room feel special…plus it further accentuates the orange wall.

Let’s see how the new room additions are shaping up, budget wise:

$16.25    Quart of orange (invigorating) paint (30% off at Sherwin Williams)
$0.00     Green paint left over from living room
$10.00   Retro Lamp from ReStore (Bargained down from $20-50% off!)
$5.99      Lamp Rewiring Kit (Menards)
$181.02  IKEA KVARTAL curtains
$513.19   New Queen size mattress & Box Spring (including delivery and saved 332.99 buying it on sale!
$0.00       Frame (free from my parents-Thanks Mom and Dad!)
$35.00    Starburst Mirror
-$125.00 Selling Full Sized IKEA MALM bed and nightstand on Craigslist
$636.45 Grand Total

Not bad! Especially when you consider the mattress and box spring was included! The Guest Room is looking so much better, and it was only out of service for about two weeks. Now I can take my time to finish off the room with accessories and artwork…and my guests can rest easy on a queen sized mattress that will hopefully leave them as invigorated as the decor.

Till next time!



44 thoughts on “GUEST ROOM REVEAL

    • Thanks Rita! Don’t feel like a slacker! I had to do this kinda fast because we had company (my parents) and then we are having more company at the end of next week so I had to get the room back together fast! Otherwise it might not be this “done” yet! Something tells me we will have even more company now that it is decorated!

  1. Find a cool paint by numbers print of your favorite vacation spot for the open space on your green wall! Maybe even find a NOS one you could paint on eBay! I love what you did!

    • Thanks thatmidcenturyfella! I haven’t done a paint by number since I was about nine years old! I have a lot of canvasses around that I have been meaning to paint on, I should probably get going on that! The “vacation scene” is a good idea for that wall, then my guests could wake up and see it first thing in the morning! 🙂

    • Thanks Vanessa! I actually have two more pillows for the bed, but I wanted to make sure you could see the Brasilia headboard for the reveal photos, so they are in the closet at the moment, but yes, there will be more pillows for the guests! 🙂

  2. I love the curtains! The room looks great. Can’t wait to see what you put over the dresser. I think it’s fun to look for BIG art- or you could do a series maybe?

  3. Looks very inviting and invigorating, Kate! The bedspread fits that bed much better than the MALM one. I know you have extra pillows that you usually put on the bed (referencing a previous comment) that add to the look. I’m sure you can paint a lovely picture of something for over the dresser. It really came together well and the window coverings are cool too. Yay, Kate! 🙂 Another retro room done well!

    • Thanks Nickarmadillo!

      That’s a great suggestion…I guess I’m just struggling a little trying to find the right dimensions for a shade for this lamp. I could custom order one if I knew those…otherwise it may be a long while before I find a shade out in “the wild” that would work.

      • Room looks Great! Unbelievable pricing on such Great MCM pieces.

        re: lampshade
        Suggestion: When I watch “Mad Men”, I like how the set designers have paired LARGE over sized ‘drum’ or ‘barrel’ shades with these making them 5′ tall on a table. I could also see a spaghetti shade on this lamp with a white glass 3″ ball bulb interior (for a soft glow). Or what about a Tweed shade?

        Painting: A grouping of paint by numbers would look cool. Or a Keene painting (?) A vintage Poppy painting would tie in the bed spread.

  4. Your guest room really pulled together — love it. I have just one suggestion — the starburst appears to be hung quite high about the bed. Think about lowering it. Typically art looks good when its horizontal centerline is about 60″ above the floor, though in your case that might crowd the headboard.

    • Thanks! I was thinking it was a little high, but my main concern is if my guests are sitting up in bed reading…I don’t want them to bang their head off the mirror…I may lower it a few more inches though…Stay tuned!

    • Yes 60″ on center is museum standard for picture heights. But if your table lamp is 5′ (with shade) I don’t think you’ll have to move the sunburst (& it won’t bother the guests either). Great Job!

  5. Wow all i want to do is open and shut those panel curtains… Will have to persuade family to let me have curtains like that!!!

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