Since we got our new windows last week, I’ve been busy working on the Guest Room Remix!

Getting a new window in the guest room was just the push I needed to start decorating! In order to get our new window installed, we had to take apart and move our full sized IKEA Malm bed and nightstand. I saw this as a great opportunity to upgrade it to a queen size bed using the Broyhill Brasilia headboard that I refinished last summer.

Before I could set up the new bed, I needed to do something about the greige grossness that was the current wall color:

Well said, Godzilla…

I wanted to place the bed on an accent wall, and based on the colors in the bedspread I have for the room, I decided to use Sherwin Williams Invigorate orange. After checking my left over paint reserves, I came to the conclusion that the leftover Springtime green from the living room would be perfect for the other three walls.

The Springtime green walls were painted first. They are so much brighter and more lively than the greige…

Then it came time for the pow!

And how do I feel about the new paint in the guest room? Why invigorated of course!

Stay tuned for more!


14 thoughts on “INVIGORATING!

  1. Yummy! Those colors actually make my mouth water. The wood trim works well with the green walls and that Invigorating accent wall is sublime.

  2. I don’t know about you, but I love painting! People think I’m crazy, but if they are painting a room in their house, I beg to come over and help. I think I have painted probably every surface in my home as is right now! Looks great!

    • I love painting too midcenturyfella! Although, I do need to take breaks or I suffer from burn out…there is no way I would have started painting the guest room right after I finished painting the kitchen and kitchen cabinets! I needed a solid month off before I even THOUGHT about painting anything again. Sometimes I wish I was painting on canvass instead of on walls, but I’ll get to that soon, I’m sure. 🙂

  3. I like it! Seems more like YOUR house in those colors. 🙂 No greige for my Kate! LOL Looking forward to seeing the finished product – I’m sure it will look GREAT.

    • Thanks Mid Century Mom! I almost have painted over all the greige! I have the hallway and the laundry room left, then it is gone! (our bathroom is a pinkish color-not greige) I bet you are excited to have a swankier space to stay when you come and visit! And a queen size bed! 🙂

  4. I couldn’t resist! How are our kids going to go to college together if Jim doesn’t get hoppin? 🙂 Can’t wait to visit, maybe this fall?

    • HA! I guess my kids are just going to have to be child geniuses so they can skip a few grades and go to college at the same time as your boys! No pressure, right? 😉

      We’d love to have you visit!

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