As Leo mentioned the other day when he filled in for me, I’ve been a little busy lately. Thankfully, I am feeling much better. Jim, Leo and I had a great time hosting all our family visited and stayed with us in the last week. Jim had a great birthday…and we got new windows!

If your remember back to the last time we got some new windows, there were quite a few reasons that we needed to finish replacing the original windows…

…who could forget the situation we had with 1/4 inch round holes right all the way through the glass! This is where the handles once were. They must have broken off at some point and I tried my best to plug the hole with ear plugs, but the cold Wisconsin breezes still made there way in….

…Then there was the security issue…these are what the locks look like. They are not very secure. I’m proud to report that we no longer have any windows with these locks on them…

…lastly there was the issue of the chipping paint around the windows. I suppose I could have touched this up, but it is so much easier to get new windows with new vinyl trim!

Are you ready for some before and after photos…?

Here is the old guest room window…

…and the new one!

The old office windows…

and the new!

(And hopefully one of these days I will finish that painting of my grandfather!)

Here’s the old kitchen windows

and after!

It’s not just the inside of the house that looks much cleaner, brighter and more secure

Besides the yard needing some attention, the front of the house is looking much better!

The back of the house is looking better too!

Completing this project crosses off resolution number two on our Retro Ranch Revamp Resolutions list for 2012! Not only am I excited to be accomplishing another Retro Ranch Revamp Resolution, but I can already tell that the house is so much more comfortable with the new windows! It has been very windy for the last few days, but you can’t tell inside the Ranch! No more drafts!

Stay tuned…later in the week I’ll be back with an update on how I am coming along on Retro Ranch Revamp number sevenDecorating the Guest Room!



10 thoughts on “NEW WINDOWS GALORE!

    • Thanks BeckyB!

      Yes, it feels great to have the windows replaced and paid for. I’m really glad this winter has been mild…now we will be ready for next winter! I’m interested to see if they have a big affect on our utility bill too… 🙂

  1. The new windows look great! We just moved into our new-to-us ranch and one of the appealing things was that they’d put in new windows just a few years ago. Very similar to yours, but white. I like that the color you picked blends in nicely with your brick!

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