Hi everyone, this is Leo, official mascot of the Retro Ranch Revamp. Kate is…well let’s just say she is super busy this week and she entrusted me to write the mid week post…

I’ve never written a blog post before and I am only half Border Collie, so I will give this my best shot…

Here’s what we’ve been upto around the Ranch this week:

Last Sunday, Kate spent most of the day cleaning and part of the day making yummy things to feed her parents while they were in town. She spent the rest of the day coughing and acting pathetic. Yes, she is fighting off the tail end of a cold. She didn’t much appreciate it when I came in from yard patrol and wiped my feet all over three of the rugs she had just vacuumed, but hey, I’ve got to keep her on her toes right?

Monday my grandpuprents (Kate’s Mom and Dad) showed up from Tennessee to stay with us until Wednesday morning. I noticed they were both wearing dark pants, so I quickly went to work mixing up their outfits with some of my loose fur. Kate was really glad she bothered to vacuum at all. While they sat around and talked, I made sure to nap close by just in case any of them got hungry for a snack (you know, to supervise or whatever). I got plenty of extra treats too, since my grandpuprents love when I do tricks! I also showed them how good I am at catching rabbits in the yard, and my adorable daddy Jim got to show off his dead rabbit bagging skills. Kate was impressed, I could tell by the look on her face.

This morning my grandpuprents left and I took a well deserved nap, since I was tired from being on constant snack patrol. When Jim and Kate got home, they started taking apart the bed in the room I am not allowed in. Then they moved stuff all over the place. I heard Kate say we are getting new windows tomorrow and a whole bunch of new people are coming over to play with me and let me smell them! I can’t wait!

Friday is Jim’s birthday and I heard him say my other set of grandpuprents are coming to take Jim and Kate to where they get those little bags full of food to bring home to me! I can’t wait to see if they are wearing dark pants too!

Kate says as soon as all the commotion (and her cough) dies down, she will have a whole bunch of fun stuff to share with you guys (and I will be excused from blog duty). I hope she is paying me in dog treats to write this post…all this typing makes me hungry

Until next time, may all your yards be squirrel free and your tails be waggy!



8 thoughts on “BUSY WEEK…

  1. Hey Leo .. you did a good job, especially when you are only half Border Collie! 🙂 LOL Take care of Kate. I was amazed at watching you run like white lightning along the fence and catch that BU (bunny … if we say it out loud you get too excited about catching another one). I’m still finding dog hair on my dark pants, but I was expecting that. Good to see you and Kate and Jim. Love from your grandpuprent!

  2. Leo, you do a great guest post. But I must ask what were you thinking when you chased down the bunny — and during Easter week, of all times?!?! That could portend: No Basket For You.

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