It’s been looking like spring out there (here in Wisconsin) for a few weeks now which is highly unusual, even though it is only the first day of April. I can remember a year or two ago, having a blizzard on Easter weekend, and not seeing bulbs till mid to end of April, but here at the Retro Ranch Revamp, the bulbs are up and some are even blooming

Even Leo agrees…

Maybe that means it is time for some spring cleaning?

Sorry Leo, but with my parents making a short notice trip in from Tennessee this week, and Jim’s Parent’s stopping up at the end of the week, we really need to tidy up a bit around here…

Besides the standard vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the bathrooms (DREAD!), I had a heck of a mess to take care of in the back closet

First of all there was stuff everywhere

The rest of the kitchen looks so nice by comparison, there must be something I can do here…


So what else can you do but empty the entire thing out and start over…

…then give it a little pick-me-up, or should I say pink-me-up (with some left over paint from the den)…

I’m finally getting around to properly hanging Leo’s leash hooks

(Does anyone else have the “dog butt” leash hooks from IKEA?)

And finally putting the plastic bag holder up too!

And then I got some nice canvass bins from Target to keep the top of the closet in order…

Much better! And no more fears of an impending avalanche! Yay!

In fact the whole closet/back door area is looking much nicer these days…and ready for company!

Anyone else doing any Spring cleaning this week?


9 thoughts on “QUICK CLOSET CLEAN UP

  1. It’s spring here (Oregon) too! Cherry blossoms in bloom this week. Sun. (But snow could still be a possibility…)

    Did a big cleaning/organizing of the craft supply area in the garage recently (http://www.thissortaoldlife.com/2012/03/20/spring-cleaning-our-craft-supply-area/). Felt so great to get that done. And we went to Ikea this weekend too, and got the same plastic bag thingy. Have never seen the dog butt thing, but would’ve had to get two (one for each dog) if we had! πŸ™‚ Hope you have a good time with your parents.

    • Wow Rita! That looks like quite the project! I bet you feel awesome to have gotten that area cleaned up and now you can find stuff when you need it (that’s the best part!).

      I’ve hesitated putting back up the screens on our porch because part of me still can’t believe we won’t get another blizzard. I think I’ll wait till the end of April to be safe…

      Thanks! My Parents live in Tennessee so I don’t visit with them often, so it will be nice to see them!

  2. Love the pooch-behind hooks. I have six rescued dogs and as many leashes at the ready all the time. On my way to IKEA for a set of those hooks!

    Impressive closet makeover. I love spring cleaning and am almost done with mine too.

    • Woah! Six rescued dogs! I think you need some of these hooks! I hope they are still available. I’ve had mine for several years now but I do remember seeing them at IKEA about a year ago. I’m hoping they still have them so you can get some!

      Spring cleaning is great…so refreshing, plus I tend to neglect my cleaning once summer hits and I am out in the yard all the time… πŸ˜‰

  3. Looks like all the IKEAs in my area have the “BASTIS” dogtail hooks, and the come in six fab colors — so, one of each for my pooches leashes. Cool!

    • Sounds like a lot of work! I try and focus on one closet at a time. I am trying to get my house completely organized so I can find anything I need when I need it…that is my biggest pet peeve, when I can’t find something right away! Good luck with your closets!

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