1.  Retro Green Chair (My Parent’s friends traded me two of these for a painting that I still owe them!)

2.  KVARTAL curtains sheer panels from IKEA (KAJSA)

3.  KVARTAL curtains light blocking from IKEA (SOLVEIG )

4.  Curved Walnut end table from Target (My first furniture purchase, circa 2005)

5.  Cool retro lamp, recently rewired (Habitat For Humanity ReStore)

6.  New lamp shade, yet to be found!

7.  Possible ceiling light replacement (Lowes)

8.  New Starburst mirror I bought today! (Home Depot)

9.  Refinished Broyhill Brasilia headboard (Craigslist)

10.  Flowered Bedspread from Target (circa 2010)

For this Guest Room Remix, I am trying to minimize the initial cost of the remodel (since we are buying six new windows) and giving the room a good base to change out/add more things in the future. I like to work this way. Instead of dropping major bucks to totally “finish” one room all at once, it allows me to seek out the right pieces and add them over time, which is easier on the budget and more fun!

At the moment, the bed is positioned under the lone window in the room. Since the room is square, the bed can be rotated to a different wall and the “walking space” around it will be the same. I plan to paint one wall Sherwin Williams invigorate orange and put the bed on that wall. The other three walls will be painted light green (perhaps the same shade as my living room, or something similar). This will create a focal point for the room. Since the lone window faces the street, I will need new window treatments right away. I will be installing IKEA KVARTAL panel curtains for the third time! This time, instead of putting them on corner windows, I will have them open from center to sides. The sheer KAJSA panels will allow my guests to have natural light, but also privacy from the passers by on the road outside and the thicker SOLVEIG panels will give complete privacy for sleeping.

I discovered the starburst mirror ($35 at Home Depot) today from a comment on a post Pam from wrote about starburst mirrors. Of course I had to check it out right away…and I ended up bringing it home with me for the Guest Room Remix!

I’m still unsure about painting the retro lamp from ReStore, I will pobably wait until I find the right shade and go from there. The curved walnut end table will work for now, but I’ll be on the lookout for small matching/similar retro end tables to use there in the future. The current ceiling light screams 1980s, which is not the look I’m going for. I’ve been on the look out for retro ceiling lights, but haven’t found anything that speaks to me yet. Perhaps the light from Lowes has enough “retro feel” injected into the shade to work in the guest room?

I know what you guys are thinking, this color scheme reminds me of your living room! Well, it is green and orange, but the orange I’m using in the guest room is darker, bolder and has more red in it. It should be a very different feeling room.

So there’s the plan, man.


17 thoughts on “GUEST ROOM REMIX – THE PLAN

  1. I was going to ask where you got that wonderful chair, because it would be perfect in my chocolate brown/apple green/ivory living room. But I see it’s actual vintage. What a lucky find for you! Everything looks beautiful! Great lamp too!

    • Thanks Laura! I have two of them…one has a higher back and the other has a lower back. I didn’t even “find” them myself! My parents’ friends found out about my taste in decorating right about the time they were buying new living room furniture and they offered to trade me the two chairs for a painting. I am ashamed to say it has been about 3-4 years since we “traded” and I still haven’t painted them anything! Oh the guilt!

  2. LOVE the starburst mirror. i also found out about it yesterday and it’s taking all my willpower not to go out and buy it immediately. i don’t know if my resolve will last through the weekend though.

  3. I am totally digging the green and orange which is one of my favorite color combos! The green chair is amazing and the lamp…well…LOVE it! Thanks for letting us look at your house and life.

  4. Looks like a great plan, Kate! 🙂 I like everything in your plan …. when will it be available for visitors? I’ll be there! 🙂

    • Thanks Mid Century Mom! Well, we should get our new windows in 2-4 weeks, then I need to get the furniture arranged (we are thinking about upgrading to a queen size bed (currently have a full) so we will need to get that figured out, and of course painting and hanging the drapes…so probably by the time you next visit, it will be all ready! 🙂

    • I literally JUST saw that on Mr. Modtomic’s blog! It is very cool! I wish I could leave comments on blogger blogs! I try and when I hit “Publish” they just disappear! I’ll have to email him about it…. 🙂

  5. I did get your note but I’ve already promised the fixture to a friend of ours locally. Thanks for checking the blog though (everybody!). I’ve been on a little vacation and haven’t been replying to comments like I should have, but will be getting to it soon! Promise!

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