You heard it right folks, we have a guest room remix in the works. I’m on a roll checking off my list of 2012 Retro Ranch Revamp Resolutions, having already completed resolution number one, painting my kitchen cabinets and getting ever closer to completing resolution number six, coming up with a final plan for the master bath remodel (I’m close, but still not 100% sure). Jim and I just ordered the rest of our new windows, so resolution number two is in the works, which brings me to resolution number seven, decorate the guest bedroom using the Broyhill Brasilia headboard I refinished last summer!

The guest bedroom currently looks like this:

It is a mish mash of all the bedroom type stuff that I don’t know what else to do with…

Of course I will keep the Broyhill Sculptra dresser (I scored a few years back on Craigslist for $50!) in the room and my newly rewired retro lamp will be living in here as well.

For the meantime, I will be keeping this end table in the room. It was one of my first ever furniture purchases! Eventually I would like to find some retro nightstands to use instead.

I also have another cool green retro chair (we have one in our master bedroom as well) that will be staying in the room.

I bought the bedspread at Target shortly after we purchased the house. It was love at first sight, and it just so happened to be green and orange, which worked perfectly with the green chair!

Based on what I’ve told you already, you may have guessed that:

• I will need a new window treatment (can’t use the existing cruddy roller blind with the new windows!)

• The IKEA Malm bed and nightstand will be leaving the room to make way for the refinished Broyhill Brasillia headboard

• The color scheme will have to have orange and green in it

• Most of the other furniture will be staying put

• The rewired retro lamp surely needs a shade and might need a makeover!

I’ll be back later in the week to show you my design plan, but first here is a sneak peek:

I do want my house guests to feel invigorated when they wake up in the guest room…

Stay tuned!


12 thoughts on “GUEST ROOM REMIX

  1. If your clue is for the new wall color, I love it — as long as the wood trim looks OK alongside. (I know it’s heretical of me, but I would paint the wood doors and trim … but that’s probably not an option many would care to entertain.)

    For the nightstand replacement, have you considered a simple floating shelf, finished to match the Brasilia? Since it’s the guest room, bedside storage probably isn’t critical — a surface for small objects should be sufficient.

    • In my last house, I painted all my trim white (but it was already half painted and the wood was not in good condition…that house was built in 1890. In the Retro Ranch, all the trim is still wood and 95% of it is in great condition, so though I used to be of the school of thought that wood trim should be white, I am now on “team wood trim.” I think for me personally, it depends on the condition of the trim and the style of the house. I prefer older houses (which usually have fancier trim) to have white trim, while 1950-1960 ranch houses are better with wood trim in my opinion. So, long story short, the trim is staying wood. I have been taking in to consideration how all my paint choices look with the wood, and the plan for the guest room remix should be great with the wood!

      Interesting idea about the nightstands…I’ll keep that in mind!

  2. We painted one wall in our living room an orange (I think it was called “Sun Baked Orange”), and we really love it. We tried out a few samples on the wall before deciding, thankfully, since the one I originally liked was a very bright pumpkin-color on the wall, and would have been a mistake.

    • Ohhh, I love orange walls! (Orange is my favorite color). I have painted several bedrooms varying shades of orange, my living room/dining room has some orange walls right now too! I don’t know if I’ve met a shade of orange I don’t like! 🙂

  3. I love orange and green together, and I second your stance on trim. All the trim on our 70s house has been painted white. We don’t like–but I do really like white trim in older homes. We’re thinking of painting ours a dark color, but that’s pretty far down on our to-do list. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for this room and your bathroom.

    • That’s too bad about your trim. I feel very lucky that ours was all still wood! We have a few pieces that might need to be replaced, or at the very least refinished, but most of it is in good shape. I’ve been on the search for a dresser to use in the bathroom remodel, but no luck yet! I think I have to get the dresser or vanity figured out before I can make final decisions on the tile and everything else for the master bath. Hopefully I can find it pretty soon!

      • We’ve given up on the dresser/vanity idea. Story too long to go into here (hope to post on it soonish…). But I agree that you have to make one major choice before you can make the others. We decided on our tile first, and that’s driven the others. Hard to know where to start, especially for us because we like to thrift and salvage. It’s usually about finding some thing we love and letting the rest fall in line with that. Looking forward to seeing what you find.

      • That’s very true Rita. I’m still looking. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something will come along over the summer in a yard sale/estate sale or on Craigslist…

        I’m excited to see how your bathroom turns out as well! 🙂

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