This past weekend, I noticed there was an estate sale down the street from me.  The house was for sale (now sold) but a while back they had an open house, and Jim and I went in to look around. I remembered seeing a cute little foot stool in there and thinking to myself “I wish I had a cute little foot stool like that one!” Sure enough, when I went into the estate sale, right away I saw the foot stool! I braced myself for what they might be charging for it, but to my surprise, the sale was priced very reasonably and the foot stool was a mere $10! SOLD!

It is in pretty good shape for being off white and fifty or so years old…

There is only one little tear in the vinyl that I think I could probably fix…

I’ve already been enjoying sitting in the little yellow couch and using the foot stool when I’m reading a book.

I also scored two new little friends for the mantle!

They instantly reminded me of Flamingos, but I think they are actually Cranes

I saw them just as I was paying for the foot stool…they were also very reasonably priced, so I decided to let them come and live at the Retro Ranch…

What were you guys up to this weekend? Hit any estate/yard sales? Was your weather as gorgeous as ours? It was 80 degrees here today! This can’t be the month of March!



12 thoughts on “ESTATE SALE SCORES!

  1. Lovin that “Sammy Davis” Shag. Some day I’m gonna buy me a couple of Shag prints for the pad. Probably for the cocktail area. Nice score on the little danish stool!

    • Thanks Mr. Modtomic!

      I love my Shag print! I bought it when Shag was having a show down In Chicago. I met him (he’s a cool dude) and had him sign some stuff for me and we got a picture together in front of my print! It was really cool! He’s my favorite artist. 🙂

      • Ahh. Interesting. We have some great MCM looking candle holders from there as well. I guess I should keep an out for Crate and Barrel stuff more often. Thanks.

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