Last Saturday, I talked my adorable husband Jim into accompanying me to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I’ve been hearing all sorts of great things about what you can find there, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint!

If you want a colorful bathroom toilet or sink, they had plenty! I saw the cutest retro pink wall sink with chrome feet and I think they wanted like $30 for it! If I only had a place for that sink, it would have been mine, but I really want an actual vanity in my master bath, so I left the pink sink for the next lucky shopper to discover.

I did find something for myself though, an awesome retro lamp!

(Please excuse the background mess!)

I love the stripe and teardrop pattern on this lamp! It was marked $20 but since the shade was not in great shape (and I doubt it is original-anyone care to verify that?) I asked if they would take less for it. Bingo! $10 and it was mine!

It has some chips in the ceramic, but I think they can either be touched up with a custom mixed paint or I could always spray paint the whole thing a new color…

…what do you guys think? Should I touch it up or spray it a new color, maybe orange?

One thing I’m not going to mess with is this lamp’s awesome wood neck

The base is stamped “LONDON 1959 LAMPS.”

I am planning to rewire it. Un-polarized plugs freak me out a little. I already bought a lamp kit and it was $5, so I didn’t break the bank. Now I just have to decide what to do about the shade. What do you guys think?


28 thoughts on “RE SCORE!

  1. That is a cool lamp! I can’t believe how lucky you are. Do you fear anything at all? Rewire a lamp? You need your very own craft,woodworking, electric, painting, etc. shop! Better put that on your list of To Do’s. I wish you would have taken a picture of the pink sink with the chrome feet, so we could have it to dream about!
    Good find on your lamp!!! Good retro lamps are so hard to find!

    • Aww Thanks Becky! I should have taken a picture of that sink…sorry! I will get out my camera phone next time!

      You should see my to do list…it is never ending. I have more ideas in my head than I have time to get them down on paper…that scares me! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks nickarmadillo. I agree. I am trying to figure out what size the new shade should be. I “tried one on” it already, but the shade was too short and too wide. I think something taller and narrower would look good, but I haven’t found anything like that yet!

    • Think so Dana? Maybe I should just try to rework the shade it came with? Maybe glue some fabric or paper on it? It is structurally good, but has some dirt marks on it(big ones on the back side), and the top “trim” is falling off.

  2. I think the shade is a few years younger than the lamp. Only because of its slight taper. I would have expected the original shade to be straight sided.

    But here’s what I would do with the lamp. (all of this depends on your existing decorating scheme)

    Spray paint the body a light beige or cream then come back with a brush and paint the tall vertical elements brown (to match the “teak”) and the tear drops orange.

    But that’s just me.

    • That’s a great idea Dave! I’m pretty sure this lamp is going to go in the “guest room” and I haven’t decorated that room yet, but it is on my to do list and I was thinking about making it orange, green and white….but more on that later!

  3. That is such a great lamp! I like the color but also think that orange would be good too. The only Habitat for Humanity store I’ve been to was in Tyler, Texas. There was a blue bidet there…I almost broke out into song…8-) Who gets it?

  4. Nice lamp – I like it as is, shade, color and all. You could always cover over the shade with some new fabric to freshen it up. Seems like it is about the right size for the lamp.

    • Thanks Vanessa!

      Those are some cool shades! Good to know where to get them if I decide that is what fits the bill! The lamp re-wire doesn’t look to hard. I installed my own range hood and stove top, so I think I can handle a lamp! πŸ™‚

  5. OK, I love the idea of an orange shade and I say “spray paint!!”. After all “it’s only paint” and let me tell ya, you can paint anything. I’ve spray painted rugs, honeycomb window blinds, metal, plastic, laminate counter tops….you name it, it can be painted. What have you got to lose? I say if it stands still long enough, paint it :->

  6. (Please excuse the background mess!)

    Riiiiigggghht…we’re totally checking out the background.

    I dunno…my first impression was that the shade was original. Is the shade too ganked up to keep? And I love the finish as is. It would look great in monochromatic bright shiny white too though. I totally get that. Very Clean & Modernist.

    • hahaha Thank Mr. M. I like to have a clean place most of the time, but sometimes my projects get in the way of cleaning. Glad to know no one is looking at the mess. πŸ˜‰

      I’ve got some ideas that might work to freshen up the shade…there is a rather large black spot on the back side of the shade that is pretty ganky. I’m thinking I might cover it with something…I haven’t yet decided about the paint…Stay tuned! πŸ™‚

  7. Hi, just found your blog after reading Retro Renovation and I was impressed with your kitchen redo which was featured there.
    I worked at a lamp store while in high school and rewiring is very easy…you shouldn’t have a bit of trouble. I buy old lamps all the time and love the quality of some brands from back in the day. The best piece of advice for finding the right shade is to take the lamp with you to a store that stocks shades and really see the shade on the lamp. It is difficult to find stores that carry a lot of shades, but even if you went just to get an idea, that would be helpful. Good luck!

  8. OMG- I just bought two of these “London Lamps” at a yard sale this weekend for $4. One is stamped 1959 and the other is 1960. I have the same teardrop one you got but in a dark mustard color and the other has a striped pattern with the cool wood neck. So glad to know that there are more out there!

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