What a difference a week makes! Last Friday night we got a snowstorm that dropped 4 or so inches of wet, heavy snow. This Friday however, was sunny and much warmer…and Saturday and today were in the 60s and sunny. I’m starting to wonder if I’m not in Wisconsin anymore…

Of course, whenever the weather is beautiful like it was this weekend, Leo gets an extra long walk…

While Leo settled in for an afternoon nap, I busted out the watercolors again. Its a beautiful day to paint a neighborhood!

By the time I actually started to paint, Leo was out like a light…

I love how the “yard” turned out in this one…

Do I hear a chainsaw?

…Nope, just the dog….

After the paint had dried, I used some pens to add detail to the houses

I ended up with two great additions to the neighborhood!

Besides painting with watercolors and enjoying the weather this weekend, I’ve been tracking down supplies for another project and I took my first trip to my local Habitat for Humanity store on Saturday…and I scored something awesome! Tune in later in the week to see what it was!



  1. I hope it was a wonderful MCM dresser for your new bath at a great price and in such condition that you don’t feel bad about replacing the top for a sink and new countertop.
    Here’s hoping.

  2. The “neighborhood” is looking good …. do you have a name for your new subdivision or community? 🙂 Nice that you are painting again, Kate!

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