I’ve been able to shake off my winter blues (probably because it has been in the low to mid 60s and sunny for the last two days!) and got right back on track with my Master Bath Remodel Mood Boards.

My first mood board was a mix of retro and modern. My second mood board was mostly modern. This mood board is mostly retro and a whole lot of pink!


1.  Modern Chrome High Arc Bath Faucet (Home Depot)

2. Round Metal Mirror (IKEA)

3. Mid Century Starburst Towel Bar (Rejuvenation

4. Retro Dresser (I think this one is a Basset, not sure of the line though)

5. Light Pink Wall Color (To be determined)

6.  Glazed Porcelain Tile-Pink dot (

7. 6×6 Glazed Ceramic Champagne Tile (Cinca Nova)

8. Metro Hex White Porcelain Floor Tile (Home Depot)


Okay, I know what you guys are thinking…

“Where’s the sink?”

Well, I’ve got that covered.

Ever since I saw this post on a fellow MCM lover’s blog, I have been thinking about using a retro dresser as a bathroom vanity. I have four criteria when it comes to selecting a dresser for this purpose. It has to have lots of drawers, it has to be less than 50 inches wide (harder to find than you would believe!), it has to be wood and it has to look cool. I’m not sure of the measurements of the dresser I chose for the Mood Board, but I know there are a few different sizes of this design. Hopefully one of them is under 50 inches long? I also considered the Broyhill Premiere line, since pieces in that line have little starbursts carved into them which would look cool with my must have towel bar, but I don’t know if there are any styles under 50 inches in that line either. If I decide to go this route, I would use this method to retrofit the dresser with sink top (either made specially for me or possibly purchased off the shelf If I could get the sizes to work out right) since I am not a fan of  vessel sinks. In all likely hood, I would be painting the retro dresser white to blend it in with the bathroom’s look (or possibly pink?)

The faucet I selected looks very modern, but the handles echo the starburst shape from the towel bar that I must will own. In this bathroom, I won’t be tiling the walls (except in the shower) and will instead paint the room a pale pink. The floor tiles will read as mostly white, but the small pink tiles in the pattern will be like sprinkles of retro all across the floor. The pink wall tiles in the shower will be 6×6 instead of the retro standard 4×4 and will make for less grout lines to keep clean. The white hex tiles on the floor of the shower are a classic choice.

I’m really liking this more Retro Mood Board, but the tough thing in this option will be finding the right retro dresser to convert into a vanity. It could be worth the trouble though! I would surely have the most unique bathroom on the block!

So now that you’ve seen three possible options for my Master Bath Remodel, which one would you choose?




    • I have Pam! So exciting! I keep thinking…where could I put these…and then I wonder how many sheets they have available. I guess I would need to figure out how many square feet I need and see if they have enough!

  1. Kate,

    There’s no contest. You saved the better of the three designs for last. A dresser, or credenza, or even a good sized record cabinet on 9-ish inch tapered legs is a great idea, but must you paint it?

    I think a teak or walnut cabinet/dresser/credenza would add a nice bit of woody contrast to the pink. Oiled teak and pink. It even rhymes.

    • hahaha, you are a poet and you don’t know it Dave!

      I suppose I wouldn’t have to paint it, or maybe if I just painted part of it…It would depend on what dresser/buffet/cabinet I could get my hands on, the condition it was in, and what I decided would work best with my final selections of everything…

  2. Kate–We must be channeling each other! Cane and I have been looking for a dresser to turn into our vanity ever since I saw this post:

    I love the one on your mood board–we have a tall-boy dresser in what must be the same line in our garage. I think you are right that it will be challenging to find a dresser that works. We’re running into 2 snags:
    1. Most of the mid-century dressers we’ve liked are too low.
    2. The tops aren’t deep enough to fit a sink.

    If you can meet those two criteria, the next thing is the drawers. Any dresser that has two drawers

    The dressers that have the right dimensions tend to be older, which isn’t so much our style. I’ll keep you posted on our progress. In the meantime, I’m glad I decided to wait until this mood board to cast my vote. Definitely this one! Go pink!

    • Very cool Rita! Good luck with your dresser search!

      I agree, the dressers might be a little low, but I am sure there is some way I could remedy that, either by adding some wood on top of the dresser or messing with the legs (depending on the style). I think it can be done!

  3. I love this design! So fun and fitting with your house. I think the other two designs felt a bit HGTV, if you know what I mean. Whereas this one feels much more unique and personal.

  4. I LOVE this design, Kate! Bravo! However, I’m with Dave on not painting the dresser. If you left the dresser/credenza in it’s natural, oiled teak/walnut state, it would add some woody warmth to the room. Just my .02.

    Also, you might want to consider an old hi-fi if you can’t find a dresser that has drawers deep enough. Hi-fis, by nature, had deep recesses to hold the turntable! Just a thought!

    • Good idea Diana!

      I wonder if and old hi-fi would be much much too low? Plus I am looking for something with drawers to keep my stuff in, I don’t know if many hi-fis had drawers… Still, an excellent suggestion!

      To paint or not to paint the dresser…we will just have to see! (I have to find one first!) 🙂

      • Drawers! Of course, duh! I’m with you, I don’t think many (if any) hi-fis had drawers. Hmmm, maybe portable bars? They usually have drawers!

        Anyway, have fun looking for whatever works! I think this last board is the way to go!

  5. Love the pink version. It just seems right for you guys. Since you had a painted pink bathroom in your first house I know that Jim would be okay with this. I think it would be very very pretty. I don’t think you would really have to paint the dresser if you found one in good enough shape. Tile choices are great as well. And having more of the walls painted would be nice as well. The other posters are right … you saved the best one for last. 🙂
    P.S. Isn’t your existing toilet pink????

    • Thanks Mid Century Mom!

      Yes, my current toilet is pink! I was hoping that it is the “right pink” to go with the tiles I liked, then I could reuse it and save myself some $$$! I think whether or not I paint the dresser depends on which dresser I end up finding. If I get a great deal on a beat up dresser that would be better off painted, then I’ll definitely paint it, if the dresser is in good shape, I may just leave it or give it an extra coat of sealer and call it a day. It all depends! (I’m empty handed right now, so I can’t say for sure!)

      Jim is very secure in his manhood and welcomes whatever colors I choose for any room in the house. His only criteria for the bathroom remodel is that is has a larger shower so he doesn’t bump his elbows off the walls. Other than that, he is open to anything!

  6. Well, after living with an original pink and maroon bathroom for the past fifteen years, I can tell you that I am so sick of pink! And it’s really hard to find other colors that work with the pink, and even when something goes with it, overall it still reads pink.

    But that’s just me. And fifteen years.

    I feel that with either of the other two boards you have a larger range of future possibilities for using other colors. So, if it were my choice, I’d take the more retro aspects of this board, but use one of the other color schemes.

    • Thanks for the input Kristal. I think it really depends on if you love the pink you have (or pink in general) or not. In my last house my bathroom was pink all 4 years I lived there and I loved it. This house has the mauve pink and I dislike it, mostly because I dislike the shade of mauve that the tiles are. I see where you are coming from, but personally, if I am in love with the particular shade of the color in any room in my house, I will not grow tired of it. I have a definite range of colors in particular shades that I have always loved! Also I think that since I am not tiling all the walls with pink tile, I will be able to paint them a different color in the future in the event that I want to change it up and have enough of the room read non pink. (yellow? Green? White? Grey?)

  7. I loved your first mood board and did not think another one could best it, but I was wrong. I love this pink option. Everything about it is perfect.

  8. That dresser — painted white — is hands down the #1 choice for your vanity. I love the faucet you chose, too, which echoes the starburst verve of the towel bar.

    Have you considered round coin-dot tiles for the floor, instead of hexes? Circles would mirror other elements and are tres mid-mod. (Hexes suggest turn-of the century to me.) And how about using the same tiles for floor and shower floor, for continuity and expansiveness?

    • Thanks Holland!

      I have considered white penny round tile for the shower floor. I could definitely go that route. Using the same tiles for all the floor is also possible. It all depends on what elements I end up choosing for the final plan. I’m not sure I would want penny rounds as the entire bathroom floor, (too much grout to clean!) but If I found another, larger tile that would work for the floor, I might do the entire floor with it. It all depends! I think first I need to figure out the vanity (or locate a dresser to make into a vanity) and then work around that. 🙂

  9. I love the pink and vote pink!! I want to get that star towel bar, too. 🙂 I love it. All the tile looks like the perfect choice!

  10. This is definitely my favorite of the mood boards. The only thing I would hate to see is a great mid century dresser with a hole cut out of the top. 😦
    The look would be awesome but the destruction would make me wanna cry. If you do it though I’d at least leave it wood. I think the wood tone is what makes the whole look work.

    • I know, I think I might be sick if I were cutting up a mid century dresser! I would be so nervous I would mess it up!

      Maybe I’ll try to build something that evokes the feeling of a mid century dresser instead, then I could make it fit my space perfectly…we will see!

  11. Hello – I stumbled on you blog a few months ago, I love to see all of your ideas/projects! I purchased a credenza from the same line (Basset?) at a second hand store for cheap and refinished it dark walnut but painted the drawer fronts/door white, it look amazing with the raised design white. This was very first furniture refinishing project and it turned out great. Sadly I have no before pics but trust me it was super ugly with a colonial buffet top and really beat up. I am going to email you some after pics. I think that dresser would be awesome as a bath vanity!

    • Thanks for sending the pics Eileen! I do like your paint job! I will have to see what I can find. I think whether I paint it or not depends on the condition of whatever dresser/buffet I run across.

  12. Hi Kate! I popped over from Retro Renovation after learning about your blog. I’m planning for future remodels of both baths in our 1958 ranch. I’m also having trouble finding a vanity with drawers that isn’t a vessel sink! My search is further constrained by needing a 24″ vanity for our tiny bathroom. I look forward to reading along here or at RR and seeing what you come up with!

    • Hi Sally,

      Thanks for stopping by! I think I’ve solved my vanity problems…stay tuned! I’m posting the whole bathroom remodel series over on Retro Renovation! 🙂 Good luck with your bathrooms!

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