On Friday, we got what is probably only the second significant snowfall of the winter, (which is really strange for Wisconsin) about four inches of heavy, wet snow. It stuck to the trees and looked pretty…

…however, I am ready for it to be spring, so I was not that happy about it, but somebody else was thrilled

Yes, you guessed correctly. That somebody is Leo.

I’m not sure if Border Collies enjoy snow usually, but the other half of Leo is Great Pyrenees and I’m pretty sure they live for snow. One of Leo’s favorite things to do in the snow, besides run and jump through it is to have us launch snowballs for him to catch. Since this was the first snow that was wet enough to pack into snowballs, Leo wasted no time cutting to the chase...

Uhhh, I am holding an expensive camera…Jim?

(Isn’t he adorable!)

After we were done playing catch with snowballs, we all headed in to warm up. That’s when it hit me. Sadly, I’m not talking about a great idea or some sort of epiphany, I’m talking about the dreaded winter blues. I usually get the winter blues every year and they don’t last for too long, but they are still no fun. Normally I get the winter blues in January or February, but I think because I was busy with the Kitchen Project and the weather was nice (no snow and temps in the 20s and 30s instead of the -20s and -30s) I though I was in the clear. Nope. they hit. hard.

I found myself pacing around the house eating chocolates and just wishing I could go to sleep until April 1st or so. Nothing sounded good. Not watching movies, not doing/finising a project (although I have a few in the works), not sitting down, not standing up. It was bad.

Of course when I behave like that (since it is so out of character) it upsets Jim and Leo so they follow me around the house picking up my chocolate wrappers and begging me to do something to snap out of it. Jim suggested I paint, but I didn’t have the patience to work on one of my oil paintings, so I got out some watercolors and an ink pen and messed around for a few hours.

My adorable husband Jim was right, after tapping into my creative side, I felt better. Here is the result:

It is certainly not the Mona Lisa, just a fun little Retro Ranch…most importantly, I had a good time making it…

…and I am always surprised at how the colors turn out when they are dry!

Hopefully I’m on the way out of my winter funk now! I need to shake it off so I can come up with a pink mood board for my Master Bath!

Stay tuned!


16 thoughts on “SNOWED IN…

  1. I feel the same way! I need sun and warm weather… I also need to get outside and plant something or I’ll go crazy!

  2. I have never lived in any place that got snow. I know that I do not tolerate cold weather at all. I the temp is below 70, I am all bundled up. I have sympathy because I get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) during the time change (especially in December when it gets dark by 5pm).
    You watercolor is beautiful. You should frame it and hang it in your house. I am anxiously awaiting your next mood board.

    • Boy! I wish I could be that artistic and talented when I get depressed! I LOVE that picture! You could also sale those on Etsy! I’d buy! I loved the Leo bit, and YOU and YOUR husband are both adorable!

    • Thanks PAppel!

      If you don’t like temps less than 70 degrees, you wouldn’t be able to live in Wisconsin except perhaps in July and August!

      I think I might pop my watercolor into a frame. It was fun to do. maybe I will make a few more as well…a series, a neighborhood! 🙂

  3. This winter was great! Practically balmy, I’d say. It was in the 50-60’s most of the time when we are usually in the 30’s and there wasn’t really any frozen precipitation either. My poor old joints are loving it.

    • Amen to that nickarmadillo! Usually my knees kill me for about 3-4 months of the winter, this year it has only been a day or so here and there. I’ll take this weather, I just wish we had the snow around Christmas instead of in March!

  4. Wait for it ….. wait for it …. wait for it! Hehehehehe You guys are a riot! I remember some winters in WI with hardly any snow .. nice to have a break, but you’re right, the winter blues still show up. 😦 I’m glad you finally got out some of your art supplies. Cute painting … your viewers are right. Make a neighborhood and put them on your etsy store! 🙂

    • Mid Century Mom,

      If ever you come for a visit when we have packing snow, you could get in on the snow ball action. Leo is super funny in the snow! Then we go inside and he passes out for like three hours. 🙂

      I might just make a neighborhood and put them in my store! It would be fun!

  5. I’ll trade my relentlessly sunny and dry SoCal tedium for your wet and chilly skies any time you want a break!

    Love your style, creativity, lovely family and Leo. Can’t wait for the pink bathroom mood board. Recently discovered your blog and it is #1 on my hit parade.


  6. I agree with you the snow was annoying on Friday, I live in Milwaukee! I just wanted to comment that I love what you did with your kitchen remodel; my husband and I would really like to do something similar with our 50’s ranch kitchen, but we don’t know where to begin.

    I found your blog on Retro Renovation, very cool!!

    • Ohhh! A fellow Milwaukean! What neighborhood/side of the city do you live in?

      If you want an opinion on your 50’s kitchen, send over some photos! I’ll take a look and tell you what I would do! (

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