Thanks to all who chimed in with input on my first Master Bath Mood Board. I’m still working on different plans for my remodel, so that was just one of many options. I’ve created another Master Bath Mood Board with a totally different feel, more of a modern yet fun master bath mock up.


1.  White Square Mirror (IKEA)

2.  Walnut Modern Double Sink Vanity (

3.  Mini Pencil Marble Mosaic Tile (Home Depot)

4.  Mango Penny Round Tile (Modwalls)

5.  Coordinating Orange wall paint (Shade to be determined)

6.  Ivory Travertine Tile 8 in x 20 in (Tile Shop)

7.  Polished Chrome Purist Towel Bar (Home Depot)

8.  High Arc Chrome Bath Faucet (Home Depot)


For this look the large Ivory Travertine tile would go on the main bathroom floor. The Mini Pencil Marble Tile would go on the shower walls and the Mango Penny Tile would go on the shower floor. I like the mix of neutral and color in this mock up, as well as the mix of textures. This is definitely more Modern than Retro, and probably way out of my budget (the vanity alone is $$$$!), but it is fun to put it all together anyway. I must say I am liking the warm colors and wood vanity in this mock up (orange is my favorite color!) versus the mint green in my last mock up.

I do have one problem with this mood board, I miss the dash of Retro in this bathroom! I think it needs some pink, or that starburst towel bar from the first mock up. In fact, maybe I’ll do another mock up that’s mostly Retro and pink!

What do you think? Do you like a more Modern Bathroom? Are you missing the Retro touches?



  1. I like the colors! (Orange is one of my favorites, too.) I think the pencil tile will–about 10 years from now–scream 20teens! Maybe penny tile, too, but I think it’s got a retro feel to it, even though it’s not retro. I always like retro touches, so I’m not sure…I’m holding out my final vote until I see the retro pink board. 🙂

    • Thanks for the input Rita!

      I love the colors too! Maybe that means I should go for more warm colors in the bathroom instead of the mint from the first mood board. (I already have another bathroom with a mint green tub in it, so probably should mix it up, right? I agree, more retro is needed in this look!

  2. I like the items you’ve chosen, but you might wish you’d kept the bathroom more like it was originally.

    When I bought my 1950 ranch, the kitchen and bathroom had already been modernized. They’re pretty, but they’re not really in keeping with the rest of the house. I would have done things differently.

    • Dana,

      If only my master bathroom were in great original shape in a color I didn’t despise! (Mauve is my least favorite color in decorating!) If only I had an original baby pink bathroom, or yellow, or even light blue! I’m wondering if since my house is a 1962 ranch, the style was changing towards less of the “cheery” colors from the 1950s for bathrooms?

  3. There’s no rush.

    Give yourself time to conceptualize the perfect vintage bath. You’re good at this. Combine the aesthetic of vintage with the functionality, dependability and water/energy savings of new.

    • aww thanks Dave!

      I know there is no rush! My goal is to figure out this bathroom’s plan in the next few months so I can figure out how much $$$ I need to get it done…and then I have to save the funds, so I have plenty of time! It always helps me to know what I am getting myself into financially and once I choose my design plan, I have time to “live with it” on paper to see if I will change my mind or not. 🙂

  4. I like them both. I tend to lean more modern myself, however, when I look at how you did your kitchen, I think the first mock up better matches that look. Definitely more Retro.

    With that said, I think you figure out which one YOU love the most. Its your house! I think its fine to update and modernize while still keeping the “Vibe” of the original. I am lucky to have an all pink bathroom in mostly wonderful shape. But I will be laying a new floor and counter top soon…And will try to bring in some newer materials to do it…

    Good luck! I love the second one personally the best, because thats the look I love!

  5. You have an sophisticated sense of style so you should trust your gut instinct. I echo your concern about the lack of retro flair. Considering the mood of the rest of your home, I think these selections are contemporary/modern rather than reflective of your home’s heritage. It’s fine to bring in some modern elements, but I would not recommend to make them the focal points of the room as it places the decor in conflict with your established vintage setting. I’m confident that you will find the right balance as you have amazed us with your creativity many times.

    • Thanks Greg!

      I agree…the rest of my house is at least 50/50 Retro/Modern and if all the sudden I have a 99% modern bathroom, that might be weird. Still, it was fun to “try on” a mostly modern design! Stay tuned!

  6. Oooh, I like this one too! You’ve got such a flair for this stuff. Trust your gut. And definitely get the starburst towel rack!

    When we finally buy a place I’m sending an Amtrak up to MKE to bring you down to CHI to help me with our place! 🙂

  7. I love your first, minty green mock-up. The starburst towelbar is at home in that setting and indeed would be a star in your bath. The style goes perfectly with the rest of the house, too.

    I often find my initial design concepts are the right ones … of course, some editing’s always needed, but that first burst of creativity is usually “it.” Maybe true for you, too -?

    • Thanks Holland!

      Yes, that towel bar must come live at my house!

      Sometimes my first design concepts are right (with a tweak or two of course) but other times (like when I was doing mock ups of my kitchen) it takes a few tries to get the right design. I think this time, it might be one of those “it takes a few tries” times. But then again you never know until you exhaust all other possibilities and come to a conclusion!

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