It’s time again for another edition of Cool Retro Stuff My Mom Gave Methough my Nana actually gave me this, but my Mom and Dad rescued it for me and drove it all the way to Wisconsin…but more on that later

This might be one of my all time favorite cool retro things my Mom (and Nana) gave to me. Affectionately called “the Little Yellow Couch” for most of my life, this was always my favorite place to sit, take a nap, watch TV or have someone read me a book when I went to visit my Grandparents (I called them Nana and Bob) in Mississippi.

Yep, that’s me at about age one beginning my life-long love affair with the Little Yellow Couch.

What is it about this couch that makes it so great? Well for one thing, it is yellow. How could you not love a yellow couch? It is also one of those couches that you just sink into. In fact, sometimes it is hard to get out of, which makes it great for impromptu naps. It is about the closest thing to sleeping on a cloud that I’ve ever encountered. To this day it is my hands down favorite place for a 20 minute power nap (between projects of course!). Maybe it is the squishyness of it, or maybe it is because when I curl up on this couch, it is like I am back at Nana and Bob’s house…safe and comfortable, without a care in the world. Since both Nana and Bob have passed away, curling up on the Little Yellow Couch is the closest thing I have to getting a hug from them.

Here’s the Little Yellow Couch when it was much newer…at Nana’s house…

This couch has been through quite a lot in its life. Remember when I said my Parents rescued this couch for me? They really did! Nana was living in Mississippi about a mile from the ocean when Hurricane Katrina hit back in August of 2005. Since she had lived in Mississippi for 30+ years, Nana both weathered and evacuated for many a hurricane. We were all really worried when she decided to stay home to weather Hurricane Katrina. Well, we all know how bad Katrina’s wrath was. It took days before we even knew anything about whether Nana was alive or not. Luckily, she made it through the storm unharmed and one of her neighbors found her when they came back to check on their house. They were able to call my Parents and within hours, my Parents were on the way to go and save Nana. To make a long story short, Mom and Dad drove straight through from Pennsylvania to Mississippi to rescue Nana and do the best they could fixing up Nana’s house (fixing loose shingles on the roof, ripping out soaked carpet since 4 inches of water washed through the house during the storm, and packing up what they could salvage into a Uhaul) before driving Nana up to Pennsylvania to stay with them. Much of Nana’s furniture was water damaged, and the Little Yellow Couch does have some slight stains on the back of it from the water, but my Parents knew how much the Little Yellow Couch meant to me through the years and they did their best to save it for me.

That’s my Nana sitting in the matching chair that didn’t survive the storm. Isn’t my Nana glamorous?

On a one of their trips out to Wisconsin, Mom and Dad brought the Little Yellow Couch to come live with me.

I don’t know much about Horizons Home Furnishings, but their slogan is dead on. I have enjoyed this couch for as long as I can remember.

My Mom says that Nana spotted this couch (and matching chair, RIP) at a model home she toured back in the day. Apparently when she saw it she just had to have it (yellow was her favorite color) and a few weeks later it was in her living room. The fabric is a high quality designer fabric that was very pricey according to Mom.

I know someday I will have to recover this couch (the fabric is starting to really show wear and there are some stains on the bottom from the water that washed through Nana’s house during Hurricane Katrina) but until I find the perfect fabric (Probably has to be yellow!) I will still enjoy every moment I spent sitting, snoozing and looking at the Little Yellow Couch.





  1. Love that picture of you and love this story. You, your nana, and your couch are all wonderful. Your post makes me homesick for my Grandma and her home. I would love anything that felt even remotely like a hug from her.

    • Thanks Nikki!

      If I could find it, I would recover it in exactly the same yellow fabric. I don’t know who the designer was though or even what year it was from. It surely needs to stay yellow though!

  2. I can’t tell you how darling this story is. Not just the couch (which is super cute, I hate to see you recover it) but the story behind it. This is so wonderful, and I’m so glad to see how much you appreciate it, and the story and pictures too! You would be so surprised how many young women don’t care about sentiment like you do. I LOVE your yellow couch!

    • Aww thanks! I am a very sentimental person. Many of the furnishings and decorations in my house have a story behind them and were given to me by family or friends or have special meaning to me. 🙂

  3. What a great story! And nice couch! It reminds my of my bedroom when I was a teenager (in the 70s). I had yellow daisy wallpaper on one wall, pinch pleats made from matching material and my mom knitted me a yellow/white/green afghan for my bed. I still have the afghan. It would probably look fantastic on your couch. 😉 I sooooo wish I had some pictures of my bedroom. I had a really nice set of white French Provincial furniture too. If only…..! What a great remembrance of your nana. She seems like a cool lady.

    • Thanks Jeanne!

      My Nana was a very cool lady. I could probably do a post about something that was cool about her every week for a year and not run out of ideas…Bob too. 🙂

      Your yellow bedroom sounds awesome! My Mom had a daisy obsession in the 70s as well. I bet she would have loved your bedroom!

    • My 70s bedroom (done by my mom) had grass-green walls, home-sewn pinch-pleat curtains in a pastel green with yellow and white daisies on them, and a bedspread crocheted by my Grandma (the one I mentioned in my comment above). The bedspread had granny squares with purple, yellow, green, and pink. Wish I still had that bedspread!

  4. This story made my day. What a treasure, this little yellow couch, for so many reasons. Glad I found your blog – you write beautifully and your pictures and revamp work inspire me to keep working on my own mid-century house.

  5. Your Nana was DARLING! You look a lot like her! Your parents must be magicians because I can’t believe how they saved that couch! No one would ever know by looking at it, that it
    was in Kartrina! What would we do without loving families? I loved this story. Thanks kate, you always inspire me!

    • Thanks Becky! And what a compliment for you to say I look a lot like her. Nana was much more glamorous than I ever have been. 🙂

      My Parents are magicians, I think. Sometimes I don’t know how they do all the stuff they have done!

  6. Loved the trip down memory lane, Kate. You ALWAYS loved that couch and went straight for it every time we visited Nana and Bob. Wish we could have saved the matching chair, but it was totally soaked. Somehow the couch fared better … maybe because Nana always wanted you to have it. So … Dad and I figured out a way to get it from MS to PA and then to WI. 🙂 Maybe some of your viewers can help find out more about the Horizons, Inc. company and maybe the material. Somehow I think that couch should always be yellow and be like it is. 🙂 P.S. I think you were about 9 months old in that picture … your first visit to MS and the little yellow couch.

  7. P.S. I made that pillow on the picture of the sofa at Nana’s … think I gave it to you. It was done in crewel needlework. Also did a bargello pillow for Nana but not sure what happened to that.

  8. You need to ask Dana @ Mid2Mod. She is brilliant when it comes to figuring out vintage makers and knowing where you would want to look for what you need or want.

  9. What a great site (I just discovered it today) and in particular what a lovely post about little yellow couch and the story behind it. Great photos of you as a baby and the one of your Nana–plus the couch still looks good. In keeping with what a previous poster stated, I wish my Gram was still here too, and I wish I still had her fab mauve couch–still the most comfortable couch known to man. Keep up the great work with your revamp–I really enjoy all your posts, especially the kitchen redo!

  10. This is such a sweet and wonderful story! It hints at a key reason why we love vintage: it’s something about the comfort of childhood. I think it’s great that you have given this inanimate object meaning, because it’s a connection to your grandparents, your parents, and warm memories. Kudos to your parents for rescuing it, and to you for taking such loving care of it.

    And yes, Nana was very glamorous! 🙂

    • Thanks! I do love “stuff” that has a story. It makes people’s homes feel much more personal. Then when someone asks you where you bought something, you can tell them the cool story of how you found/were given/rescued it from wherever!

  11. I just LOVE this story. Especially how you have their couch and that you said that it feels like they are hugging you when you sit on it. That’s lovely. And yes, your Nana was indeed very lovely and glamorous. And had great taste in furniture. I’m so glad that she was okay in that storm. Those were some scary times.


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