A while back when I revealed my choice for my kitchen backsplash, It was met with mixed reviews. Some people loved it, others weren’t sure and some had suggestions for alternate backsplash options. This got me thinking about doing some quick Photoshop mock-ups so I could see what different options might look like when they were installed.

Diana suggests:

What is that in the inspiration photo? Is it a tin backsplash? I think that looks great. Maybe not the easiest to clean, but it looks good. What about a subway tile in white?

I put color blocks over the cabinets that are still missing doors to help along the final effect.

My verdict, not bad. A classic choice, but probably not exactly what I was looking for. Still, great idea Diana!

Next we have Danielle:

IMO a solid sheet of stainless would look great here.

Ok Danielle, lets see what a sheet of stainless might look like:

It’s a very clean and modern look, and probably the easiest to clean, but it just isn’t quite right for my kitchen. But thanks for the suggestion Danielle!

Next we have Nikki:

I really like how the inspiration kitchen looks really bright and clean under the cabinets so I’d lean towards white tiles.

Hmmm, white tiles. We already tried white subway tiles, let’s try some other shapes:

I found some cool circular white tile…which I think might be a bit too funky

Then I found this white Moroccan-inspired tile, which I really like, but I still think I want a little more pizazz on my backsplash…

That leaves us with the coppery tile that I originally decided on:

I know this mock up really isn’t doing the coppery glass tile justice, but I still think I like it best for my backsplash.

I even got Pam Kueber from Retro Renovation to offer her opinion!

Pam says:

Kate, I think the coppery glass will look great. A bit of old a bit of new and the color is terrific. In the 60s, they actually had opaque glass tiles that aren’t too far off. See my World of Tile stories –  e.g. slide 7

After getting all this input, I thought about my backsplash situation all week! In the end, I still like the coppery glass tiles. I think they help tie in the trim, the floor, the copper cabinet hinges plus I just like the way they look!

Even though I arrived at the same decision for my kitchen backsplash, it was still fun to “try on” several options before making my final decision. Thanks to all the readers who suggested such great ideas!

I’m getting really excited to re-install the rest of the cabinet doors this weekend and possibly tackle the backsplash! Not much longer and this Kitchen Project will be done!

In other news, do any of you watch the T.V. show “New Girl“? I was watching last night and noticed they have the same range hood as me! (I don’t know why that kind of stuff gets me so excited! Just call me a DIY nerd.)

Do you guys ever see your fixtures/furnishings on T.V. or in the Movies and get all kinds of excited? Or is it just me?



  1. I like the glass copper-y tiles……….but that white moroccan tile also speaks to me.
    Darn, this reaffirms how much I want a new countertop and backsplash. I’m currently living with some fugly 80s tile.

  2. time and time again, i’ve found that my FIRST intuition is the best in matters such as this…! p.s. I am an arabesque (ie moroccan) tile lover these day, but i’m not saying that to confuse you — go with the tiles that sing for yOU

  3. Really liked seeing all the options in your mock-ups. The stainless is a close second for me, but I think the copper will be really warm, especially with your floors. Have been enjoying watching your kitchen come together.

  4. I like the stainless as well, but it’d probably be a nightmare to keep clean and keep from getting scratches. Take this from an owner of an entire kitchen of brushed stainless steel appliances.

    • We have a stainless fridge and I do hate how easily it gets fingerprints, but alas, it is so pretty! I like to say mine goes with the Chrome accents in my kitchen. 🙂 Now I have the stainless range hood and cook top as well, but those haven’t been hard to clean so far. (Although my adorable husband Jim has been more careful watching his pasta so we haven’t yet had any boil-overs on our new cook top!)

  5. Go with your gut! The coppery square tiles seem retro, fun and appropriate.
    …And yes! I too get unreasonably excited when I see something we have on a TV show or movie. Ha. Usually I end up pausing the screen to snap a photo of how it’s used. I appreciate the different decorating perspectives. (And love New Girl too!)

    • New Girl is such a funny show! I almost died laughing this week with the “landlord” episode! Then I almost died again when I saw my range hood on the show! Glad I am not the only one who geeks out when that happens!

  6. I still vote for your first choice … the copper-y glass tile. It ties your floor and trim together very well and adds that certain pizazz that you were looking for. I’ve always told you to follow your heart and trust your gut and you have good reasoning and picking out skills at play here. Looking good Kate!

    P.S. Lately I have been getting a big kick out of seeing some of my decorating choices from the 70s on Retro Renovation. 🙂

    • Thanks Mid Century Mom!

      Yes, my gut and my heart say go for the Coppery-glass tiles! You have always told me to trust my decisions…so here I go! Stay tuned!

      I did tell Pam from Retro Renovation how much you enjoy seeing your patterns of floor, etc. on her blog. 🙂 Some of the stuff I see and then think, “That looks familiar” and then you email me saying…”did you see our old vinyl kitchen floors on Retro Renovation this morning!!!” I think it is just like me seeing my range hood on “New Girl” 🙂 It is exciting!

  7. I like your copper-y choice! The copper is a complimentary color to the aqua and is also a retro color. I have a copper light fixture in my kitchen, and have started collecting copper jello molds (not sure where/what I’m doing with them yet). I like the shininess they add to all the wood in my kitchen.

    The only other thing that came to mind for your kitchen (and your mention of liking small 1″ horizontal tiles) was some fun retro color combination from Modwalls. But your choice will look great! Can’t wait to see it!

    • Thanks Jeanne!

      I did peruse Modwalls in search of something for my kitchen, but alas, nothing was quite right. However, I have several ideas for my upcoming Master Bath remodel that involve tiles from Modwalls. But that is another EPIC project that is still a ways off.

      🙂 Copper Jello Molds! Why didn’t I think of that! I could always hang a few on the soffet if I needed to tie in the copper more…Great idea Jeanne!

  8. Great mock-ups! I think you should always go what speaks to you most. I’m really loving that Moroccan-inspired tile though! I will say that after having installed glass tiles – it is a pain. Then again, so is any tile installation. We had to buy a special ($100+) saw blade to cut our glass tiles (otherwise they chipped badly and cracked.) They were 3″x3″ though so maybe the smaller ones aren’t as big of an issue.

    • Thanks Nikki!

      I actually have installed 1inch x 1inch glass tile before. In my last house (someday I will do a post about my first house!) I did a gut remodel of my tiny kitchen and installed a red glass tile backsplash between the counter top and the bottom of the cabinets all the way around. It turned out really well! I made a template out of cardboard before hand that had all the outlets/light switches on it and positioned the tiles so that I didn’t have to make any cuts. I suppose that method only works for very small tiles though! I haven’t figured out if these tiles will need to be cut, or if I can arrange it so it works without cutting, but if I do, I am hoping a glass scouring tool will work! Stay tuned!

  9. Congratulations on your decision! The copper-y tiles *are* very nice and I know you’ll love them! (I like the photoshop of the subway tiles…but I might be a bit biased…since I suggested them! haha!)

    And, damn you for posting that link to Pam’s trip to World of Tile! I want to go to there very, very badly! I don’t even have a kitchen or bath I can tile (we rent), but dammit if I don’t want to take home a ton of those tiles! 🙂

  10. I’m sure you’ll love whatever you choose! The nice thing about a back splash is if by chance you don’t like it… it’s easy to change! and you have a very small area, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it, just go with what you love!

  11. Copper tiles. But that’s not why I’m commenting.

    I have a very unique aluminum ice bucket from the late 50s that I saw in an early 60s Twilight Zone episode.

    I’ve told everyone I know (who would care), watched it on Netflix so I could pause it, rewind it, and watch it again, and have taken videos of mine with my camera and sent them to people.

    So no, you’re not the only one who geeks out when they see something like theirs on TV.

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  13. Haha. Funny you ask that as I just spazzed over your red clock. We have the same one in our kitchen!

    You did a beautiful job on your kitchen. Wanna come to NC and help me with mine?

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  15. Hi Kate – I love your choice of the coppery tiles, it really ties a lot of the ideas together perfectly! I wonder if you wouldn’t mind sharing where you found them? It is the look I’ve been trying to find myself!

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