After several weekends of working on the Kitchen Project, I was starting to get a little burned out. Why you ask? The title of this post sums it up, sand, prime, paint…repeat 31 times! 31 cabinet doors and drawers that all needed a lot of TLC. Some of them were worse than others. One door in particular was the worst of the bunch

The whole bottom of this plywood veneer door had chipped and peeled. Not my idea of a nice look for the kitchen. My answer for this guy was wood putty. A lot of wood putty.

I peeled off all the loose veneer and then applied about three layers of wood putty (letting each layer dry overnight before applying the next coat). Once everything was dry, I sanded it down with an 80 grit sandpaper and then smoothed it out with a 220 grit.

Even though this door is 10% wood putty, once it is all primed and painted, it will look like new (well maybe not like new, but pretty darn close!)

Saturday morning I finished sanding the last nine cabinet doors! (worst door included) I did a little dance in celebration and then realized I still had to prime and paint nine more doors. Sigh. My adorable husband Jim convinced me to leave the priming and painting until Sunday since I had been working so feverishly on the Kitchen Project for the last four or so weekends. I agreed that a well-deserved break was in order so Jim and I went to the Milwaukee Public Museum to see the Cleopatra exhibit and of course check out all the museum’s regular dioramas. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon, plus it was great to get out of the kitchen for a few hours.

On top of my little excursion to the Museum, Pam featured my new cook top on Retro Renovation on Saturday morning! Between my afternoon off at the Museum, and seeing my cook top on my favorite Retro blog, I suddenly felt recharged!

Today was a whirlwind of activity at the Retro Ranch Revamp. I got started early priming and painting the last nine doors...yes I said the last nine doors..It is hard to believe that the end is in sight! Between coats of paint and primer, I installed the drawers and doors that I had painted last weekend…all the bottom cabinets are back to normal!

2/3 of the kitchen is put back together!

The breakfast area is almost complete! It was so exciting to be able to use all my drawers again! For the last month, all the contents of the drawers has been scattered all over the dining room. That was a mess. My adorable husband Jim was forever looking for the can opener. Poor guy.

As I am typing this, the last nine doors (all the upper cabinet doors except the one shown above) are drying. That means, by this time next week, the Kitchen Project will be complete! (That is assuming I make a final decision on my backsplash and get that installed next weekend…more on that later in the week) Can you believe that? So exciting!

Stay tuned!


18 thoughts on “SAND, PRIME, PAINT…REPEAT 31 TIMES

  1. Looking good! Is that your coffee maker below the one cabinet door with all the peeled wood veneer? When I used to have a regular automatic drip coffee maker (before I started using my Chemex!) I noticed the wood veneer on the side of one of my cabinets started to lift and curl above where I kept my coffee maker. arg. I realized the steam released while brewing coffee was causing this. Do you think this is what caused that? Hopefully with the repair and paint it will be a non-issue.

    Keep up the great work! You’ll deserve a long break after this, though. 🙂

    • Hi Jeanne,

      Yes that is my coffee maker below the bad cabinet door. I’m guessing that is probably also where the last two owners of our house put there coffee makers, and yes, probably what caused the damage. I wasn’t too worried about putting my coffee maker there since the damage was already done, but I am in the market for a larger coffee maker. Do you love your Chemex? Those have always fascinated me but I wonder if it would be too time consuming for busy mornings on the way to work…

      I will deserve a long break after this, but will I take one…? 🙂

      • Yes, I love my Chemex. It’s no different than a regular auto-drip except you would have to boil the water in a tea kettle instead of just dumping in the reservoir. I boil while I blow dry my hair. It only takes a couple of minutes to boil two cups for me. I suppose if it had a timer that you could set the night before would make it the most time efficient. 🙂 I bought one off of ebay and then scored another one at the local Salvation Army for $5. That was an exciting day for me. lol

  2. That looks fabulous! And congratulations for being featured on Pam’s retro site!!!! That’s a HUGE website. That’s going to help get you noticed! You are so on your way!

  3. Lookin’ good, lookin’ good! And now I know what I need to do about the peeling veneer on a bedroom set I have. It is (was) a lovely blonde set purchased in 1954, but it has seen better days.

  4. love the copper backsplash. Love, love the light, bright kitchen. Can’t wait to see how the next blog looks. I saw the book!

  5. Oh MY! I totally feel your pain. I started 4 days ago on my cabinets. I am using the Rustoleum cabinet transformations. It is supposed to be easier….5 coats later and I am not so sure. LOVE your kitchen. I have the same type of cabinets in my 59 ranch with the same handles! I am now going to read about your cooktop because I need a new one too!!!

    • Wow! 5 coats! Yikes! I have read about the Rustoleum cabinet transformations. I might have tried it if my cabinet doors weren’t so beat up. They required extensive wood putty and sanding. If I am doing that, I might as well just do it the old fashioned way. I love my new cook top! I’ve been using it nearly every day since I installed it and so far, so good!

      Good luck with your kitchen!

  6. I’m loving all the work you’ve done in your kitchen and think that the coppery tiles would add a great metallic look to your space…I have one off-topic question/comment…
    I really like all the sleek straight lines in your kitchen and just wonder about that wavy wood strip above your sink…I keep envisioning a piece of brushed stainless echoing those groovy horizontal lines below your sink…just a random observation..

    • Thanks Crystal!

      That’s a good question. Initially, I hated that curvy strip over the sink, as in I wanted to rip it out day 1. Then I realized I had a lot more things to take care of first, so I let it stay. Now that it is painted that minty color, I actually like it. It has grown on me and I think it adds character to all the straight lines. I do like your idea though! If I ever decided to get rid of the wavy wood piece, that is a possible replacement!

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