If you hadn’t guessed by the title of this post, I bought a new electric cook top for the kitchen project.

A while back when I was day dreaming about starting the kitchen project, I found this stove top. I decided the five burners, chrome color and retro look of it would be a perfect match for our kitchen. Problem was, I didn’t want to spend the retail price of $489 (Wow, the price went up! Looks like it used to retail for $379!). I kept checking back on the cook top every once in a while to see if it was going on sale. Sometimes it was $440, sometimes it was $410, but it never seemed to get below $400…that was until about three weeks ago. I was checking the Home Depot website and was super excited when I saw the cooktop I wanted on sale for $358!

I quickly ran it past my adorable husband Jim to make sure he was on board with the new cook top (he was…anything that makes it easier for me to make him tasty food is all-systems-go in his eyes) and then ordered it with lightening speed. It arrived last Saturday, but after spending so much time installing the new range hood, I didn’t have it in me to try to fit the cook top installation into last weekend.

First thing Saturday morning, I tackled the job. The first order of business was turning off the power at the box. Then I got busy carefully trying to cut the caulk that was holding the old cook top onto the counter. I was nervous because I had heard of many people breaking glass cook tops while trying to remove them from the counter top. I shouldn’t have been so worried however, because mine was mostly glued to the counter top with food residue. YUCK!

Jim and I carefully set the old cook top in the box that the new cook top came in…

…then I had to scrape the crud caulk off the counter…

When that lovely job was done, it was time to break out the jig saw. Sadly, the existing hole was not large enough for the new cook top. I was a little nervous because the width of the hole had to be 34 7/8 inches wide and the space between the cabinet walls was just a hare under 35 inches. That means that it would just barely fit. Once I cut the counter top, there was no going back. I got all sorts of nervous…

Yes Leo, I wore safety glasses when I was using the jig saw! And yes Mom, I wore shoes. Thanks everyone for worrying about my safety.

With the hole cut, it was time to drop in the cook topand pray that it fits!

It fits!

Of course then I had an issue with the wiring. The old cook top’s cord was about 2 inches longer than the new one. The length of the new cord didn’t work with the configuration of the box that we currently had, so it was off to our friendly neighborhood Ace Hardware store to pick up a new box

…once we were back from the store, the electrical work was done in a flash…

Then it was time for the moment of truthdoes the cook top work?

Yes! It does!

With the cook top installed, I set out to complete my next taskreinstall the cabinet doors and drawers that I painted last weekend and had been curing all week. I thought it would be super fast and easy. Well, the drawers were, but the doors, not so much. The door’s weird hinges allow for plenty of adjustment. This turned out to be a nightmare. It took me nearly 2 hours to get all the doors to close properly without being too tight on the next door.

It was annoying. It was frustrating. But in the end, it was worth it. With only a fraction of it’s doors and drawers reinstalled, the kitchen is looking fabulous.

It feels so much cleaner, so much brighter and so much happier already…

…of course the new range hood and cook top are helping considerably and it is a huge bonus to not have to lock the garbage in the laundry room when I leave for work in the morning to insure a certain dog with a taste for trash leftovers doesn’t get any ideas while I’m gone…that means you Leo!

I’m hoping that by this time next week I will have 10 or so more finished doors to show you!






14 thoughts on “STOVE TOP STUFF-INN

  1. WOW! …. WOW! …. WOW! Love the new cooktop … and it has a cute little burner in the middle for your cute red tea kettle! 🙂 The kitchen IS looking just fabulous …. such an improvement. All your hard work is paying off. And you should be a candidate in “Handy Woman of the Year” if there was such a competition. You have my vote!

    P.S. Glad you wore protective eyewear …. and shoes! LOL

    • Thanks Mid Century Mom!

      Glad you approve of the transformation thus far…I am really liking it! Leo is less confused now that the doors are on half of the bottom cabinets. I don’t think he likes it when the “food making room” isn’t how it should be. It makes him worried. 😉

      I figured you would like to know I didn’t attempt to jig saw barefoot and without proper eye protection.

  2. That looks awesome!!! You are such a WOMAN!!!!! All I can say is WOW!!! Your kitchen is probably going to get written up in a magazine! Way to go Kate!

  3. WOAH, I am really impressed by your handiwork, and the new stovetop looks fantastic? May I feature a photo — all linked up, of course — on my blog later this week? xoxo

  4. It has been awhile since I have been on your blog 🙂 may have something to do with having a baby and all, lol. But I am very impressed with your progress! I love the color, of course. The range looks great too! Keep up the good work and tell Jim we said hi!

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