While the kitchen cabinet doors are in various stages of sanding, priming, painting, drying and curing, I thought I would update you on the cool retro lamp I backed on Kickstarter back in November.

It arrived today!

I was so excited I had to unpack it right away. When I opened the box, there was a really nice note from Shannon, the lamp’s creator.

It was printed using letterpress as well! (This is very exciting to a graphic designer!)

I was super surprised to find a hand written thank you note from Shannon herself! How great is that?

It wasn’t long before my new lamp and the retro looking radio were getting to know each other…

Let me tell you, this is a well made lamp. It is just gorgeous.

It makes me feel even better to know that not only did I buy a well made and good looking lamp, but I also helped a fellow artist/entrepreneur.

This lamp looks great from every angle! I made sure to put it at a central part of the house so I would walk by it a million times a day.

Is that Leo doing his best lamp impression?

Um, yeah ok Leo. We are definitely not trying that out…

Since this spot is also my favorite spot in the house to curl up and read, I know I will be using this lamp a lot.

A handy girl like myself does a lot of research!


11 thoughts on “I LOVE THIS LAMP

  1. That is one nice lamp that will only be nicer since it resides with you and you love it so! 🙂 Enjoy! Looks perfect in that spot!

  2. Oooh. It finally arrived! I’ve been looking forward to seeing this one. I found another of the mid-century lamps that inspired this design on Craigslist yesterday. It was in the background of an ad for a lounge chair and wasn’t listed for sale, but I thought I’d give it a try and make an offer. Unfortunately, no dice.

    • Bummer Nick! Never hurts to ask though…

      I’ve been following your big living room rug hunt over on your blog. I still can’t get my comments to post on any blogger sites. Weird. I totally love the #2 rug with the red white and black design. Go for that one! Also your 2012 to do list is nuts! Good luck on that one! 🙂

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