Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

All right I agree, you can’t pull off the big bad anything Leo, you are just too darn cute and friendly…

I bet you can guess where this post is going…

It took me about four hours total, but I did get the new range hood installed today! (With some help from my adorable husband Jim of course!)

Ta-da! I already love using my new range hood! It is so much nicer than the old above the range microwave because now there is so much more room to cook! Our microwave was hung very low, and I always hit it with my utensils when I was stirring large pots of soup! Now I have plenty of open space! The fan on this model has a low speed that is so quiet, you can barely hear it! The high speed is louder, but not as loud as the old microwave and it really draws out the air. (Jim and I just got done testing it out when we made dinner) There are also two light settings, low is great for cooking, but if you really want to see all of what you are cooking, the high setting is very bright!

I also love the light and shiny look of it!

It has a more rounded design than many of the range hoods we looked at. Not a bad profile view if I do say so myself!

The installation was not quite as easy as it claimed to be on the box. (Of course I didn’t expect it to be…my Dad taught me that it never is as easy as they say on the box) It probably would have been easier if I had a flat bottomed cabinet, but mine is recessed, so I had to make some shims for filler. That was a process of trial and error (the hood would be hanging from the shims, so we had to make sure they were strong!), but eventually, the shims were securely in place.

Once that mess was sorted out, the existing duct work became the issue. It was slightly off center. Luckily, the range hood I purchased had an adjustable vent slot that could move up to one inch in either direction. That adjustment, a little jiggling and a whole lot of duct tape got us open for business.

The wiring was the easiest part. Since we had a plug left over from the microwave, I purchased an appliance grade plug from my local Ace Hardware, and wired the range hood to the cord so I could simply plug it in. Easy!

I know what you are thinkingbut what about the cabinets! Did you paint the doors yet?

Well, I did paint 10 of the doors and drawers this weekend. (They are currently drying/curing)…

After wood puttying the doors and drawers within an inch of their life, I sanded them all with 80 grit sandpaper, followed by 220 grit sandpaper to make them super smooth. Then I cleaned all the sawdust off of the doors and set them up on every available surface throughout the house…

Then it was prime time…

The painter’s pyramids I purchased a while back worked wonderfully…

I could flip over the still-wet doors and not have any marks on the back…

…and if you are wondering what happens to my taped on numbering system when I paint all sides of the doors, I just stick the numbered tape next to the door until it is all done drying, then I stick it lightly back on to one edge while I wait for the doors to cure.

Each side of each door/drawer then got two coats of paint! I am letting the doors dry for a full week before I reinstall them to make sure that the paint is fully hardened. That means I will have 10 doors/drawers ready by next week.

The other 21 doors/drawers have been wood puttied and are awaiting the sander. Hopefully I will be able to knock out another 10 or 11 doors/drawers next weekend!

Stay tuned!



    • Thanks Heather,

      My best skill is researching how to do home improvement stuff on the internet! I thought the range hood would be scary to install, but after reading the instructions, doing a little research and calling my dad, It wasn’t scary at all! 🙂

  1. Go Kate ! man that wood putty was a great idea!!! like your back splash selection…another alternative would be a piece of stanless sheet metal cut to fit…very expensive…I did that one. Just a thought. cant wait to see the end result!

    • Thanks Peggy!

      I’m trying to keep the cost down on the Kitchen Project! Jim and I still have a bunch of other things we want to get taken care of at the Retro Ranch Revamp this year and I can’t blow the budget in Jan/Feb! The copper tile backsplash would only cost me about $35 since I don’t need much tile and I already have thinset and grout from a previous project.

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