I’m back with that painting update I promised…the bases are loaded (with paint) as in the base cabinets are painted…yay!

This job took my entire Sunday. I applied two coats of paint to every square inch of the outside of every cabinet. Let’s just say I know them better now than I ever wanted to…but they have never looked better (well they might have in 1962, but I wasn’t there to see them).

Please excuse the lighting…the kitchen gets morning light, but since I leave for work before the sun is up and get home way after the morning light has passed, this was the best I could do without waiting for the weekend to take pictures…

The kitchen looks so minty fresh now…(well it should because I used “lighter mint” on the walls and “mint condition” on the cabinets!)

Notice anything else new in this picture? Perhaps a cute little red microwave?

I can’t resist a cute little red metallic microwave! In fact, this is the second time I have purchased this exact microwave. I bought the first one at our last house when I remodeled the kitchen. When I sold that house, the new owners loved the little red microwave so much, they made it part of the deal so we left it behind. Luckily (thanks to a tip from my Mom) we got this one on sale ($10.99 off this week at Target!). Thanks Mom!

So other than the lack of doors and drawers (that I haven’t started yet) and the huge amount of clutter on the counter tops, the kitchen is looking good!

And….Guess what arrived today Leo…

Ummm, well you are half right Leo…(can’t fool a Border Collie mix, can you?)

Our new range hood arrived already! That was fast!

Sure Leo.

You can bet I’ll be busy working on the drawers/doors this weekend as well as possibly installing the new range hood. How exciting!

Yay for progress!


11 thoughts on “BASES LOADED

  1. The colors are perfect, and it looks like a completely different room. I love how bright and airy it is. And I’ll be laughing for the rest of the night about “Are you making me keep guessing so my thought bubble will cover all your junk on the table?”

    • Thanks Dana!

      Since the Kitchen Project has started, my house has been a mess. I will do whatever I can to “hide the clutter!” Too bad Leo is smart enough to figure me out!

      The kitchen is so much brighter! I can’t wait to do the doors and drawers!

    • Thanks Olivia! At first I thought the colors were too close, when I was painting the cabinets it looked like the exact same color, but thankfully it dried darker and turned out just how I hoped! 🙂

  2. Can we give Kate a collective WOW?!!! Your kitchen redo looks fabulous already … even without the doors and drawer fronts. I’m sure when they are done we will be able to say that it is super fabulous! 🙂 The paint colors are great and it has changed the whole character and light in the room …. much more inviting and clean looking too. LOVE IT! All your hard work is paying off big time! The red microwave is great … thought it was the same as the one in the last place. The remaining black front on the oven (after you put the new range hood and cook top in) will hardly be noticeable. Kudos to Kate! … and to Leo for hiding the clutter with his thought bubble. 🙂

    • Awww thanks Mid Century Mom!

      It is so much brighter in there, and yes, much cleaner looking especially up close!

      The microwave is great! Thanks again for pointing out the deal! Yes, once the new range hood and cook top are in, the only black left will be the dishwasher and the wall oven. Much better!

      Leo is such a clever and helpful dog! 🙂

  3. LOVE it!!

    Happy Belated Birthday to Leo!!! I have been catching up on your posts and saw a painting on the wall of Leo. Did you paint it? I LOVE it!! Let me know!

    Chasing my tale…
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

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