With the sanding complete, I made sure the cabinets were dust free and then started priming first thing Saturday morning.

I started with the bottom cabinets and worked my way around…

After two hours of straight priming, I had all the bottom cabinets on one side of the room primed and ready. The last thing I wanted to do was pick up my brush and start priming the breakfast area, so I ate a sandwich. Then I got my brush and started priming again…

The breakfast area of the cabinets took another hour and 45 minutes. Then I really wanted a break…but instead…

I spent another hour and a half priming the upper cabinets. Phew!

By now I was beat, but of course I had just enough energy to put a coat of the wall color on the trim around the “take-out window” and the wall where the back splash will eventually go.

It is noticeably brighter in the kitchen already! Even with just the primer, it is a huge difference. Jim and I both really like it so far!

I also had a chance to order my new range hood. After looking around and reading reviews, I decided on this model:

It was $249 at Home Depot, but I found it on Amazon (also with free shipping) for $173.01, so I ordered it and it is on its way!

At this point I called it a day for Saturday…but of course I didn’t stop there for the weekend. If you want to see what the kitchen looks like now, you will have to come back later in the week, after I’ve had a chance to take some pictures and get a little rest.

Stay tuned!



12 thoughts on “PRIME TIME SATURDAY

  1. It’s looking fabulous! I found my way here via YHL ages ago but haven’t commented until now (sorry!). What is that little “take-out window” actually for?

    Can’t wait to see the next kitchen update 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting! I’m not exactly sure why they put the “take-out window” there, except since the patio door to the back yard is right on the other side of it, they might have used it as a pass through to get stuff out to the grill and back? It is just one of those interesting original details that ads charm!

  2. I agree that there’s already a huge difference, just with the primer. I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished. I just know it will be fantastic. Yay for the savings on Amazon! That’s become my go-to place for almost everything. I bought the Amazon Prime membership and get free 2-day shipping on everything (no minimum purchase), plus free movies and Kindle books. The membership has already paid for itself in just a couple of months.

    Do get some rest. The kitchen isn’t going anywhere!

    • Amazon is pretty great for deals! I can’t wait until my range hood is here so I can install it! It will be such an improvement! I know the kitchen isn’t going anywhere, but I would love to have my “normal” kitchen back. You know, the one where I can find stuff and use the counter for food prep instead of paint trays…

  3. Love it so far! I have the same cabinets in our bathrooms. the kitchen was remodeled in the early 90’s … it’s not as bad as one would assume, but it’s not ideal either. What are you planning on doing with the microwave? we have the same issue a low microwave above our cook top. I’m looking at putting in a vent like the nutone and then putting the microwave on a bar/tea/serving cart in the dining area…. it’s just literally 4′ from the existing microwave, but I can’t decide if I want it that far. Even though we don’t use it but once, every other day.

    • Thanks Danielle!

      I’m in the process of finding a much smaller counter top microwave. It will be on the counter in the “breakfast area” next to the wall oven. We don’t use ours for much either. Just reheating leftovers, warming water for tea and making popcorn! We haven’t had one for a few weeks now (since we took the old one out) and I’ve only missed it once when I had the urge for hot chocolate. I’m planning on cleaning up the old one and selling it on Craigslist, or donating it to the habitat for humanity restore if no one bites on Craigslist.

  4. You are squared away!!! Yes I was the one who asked about labeling…you are very organized! BTW…If you had of hired this job out it would have cost you between 3 and 5,000 dollars….so you are saving alot of money doing this yourself. I cant wait to see the end result. You go girl!

    • Thanks Peggy! I try to be as organized as possible, every little bit helps!

      Holy moly! $3,000 – $5,000! That’s a lot of money! I totally understand why it is so expensive though, it is a ton of work!

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