Like I said at the end of my last post, it is a little chaotic here at the Retro Ranch Revamp. The Kitchen Project is in full swing…and it isn’t pretty…yet.

When I last left off, I gave you a sneak peek at the kitchen without any cabinet doors

Speaking of doors, one of my readers wondered if I labeled the doors so I knew which door belonged where… just so happens that I did label them. I used masking tape as labels, and yes, they will have to come off when I am sanding and painting, but I am only doing a few doors at a time and I will stick the tape next to the door while is is drying. The numbers correspond to my handy dandy diagram

I have 31 doors and drawer fronts to putty, sand, prime and paint! Yikes!

Before I could get to the puttying and sanding of the base of the cabinets, I needed to empty them because nobody wants to re-wash all their dishes once the sanding dust settles…right?

Emptying the cabinets took forever! Who knew I had so much stuff in those cabinets!

Part of my Kitchen Project plan is to remove the over the range microwave/vent hood and install a new range hood vent. I didn’t like the microwave above the cooktop because it was a bit on the low side…If I had a large soup pot on the stove, I would sometimes bump the spoon on the underside of the microwave. Not fun. Plus it is a huge microwave and the only thing I use it for is reheating leftovers, warming water for tea and making popcorn…so together with the help of my adorable Husband Jim, we got the microwave out!

It was a good thing Jim was around to help because the old microwave weighed a ton!

What is that lovely thing? I am guessing it is the original back splash. It is a piece of cream colored board with gold flecks…and grease flecks…this is one original piece of the house that I can surely do without…

Much better…well, I think I need to do some patching on the wall, but much better.

Then it was time to putty

Ummm, no Leo, I said putty…but hold on a minute and I will let you out…

Anyway, I did a lot of puttying

Some wood putty, some spackle and soon I had covered up all the uneven spots…

Before I tell you about the sanding, I wanted to mention that the hinges for my cabinets are really odd. They must be the original “hidden hinges.” Only a small bit is visible when the door is closed. And they are copper. Very interesting!

Anyway, the doors came off fine, but whoever finished the cabinets must have varnished over the screws that connects the hinge to the base cabinets, because they are so difficult to unscrew! (Being flat headed screws doesn’t help much either) I made the executive decision to leave them on and sand and paint around the hinges.

Now to the sanding…which was no day at the beach. Get it? Sand? Beach? Wah-wah… (Sorry, I’ve been in the basement puttying cabinet doors all evening)

The sanding was super messy (as expected). Look at all that dust!

When the dust settled, it was time to clean it up…fun.

I also needed to be cleaned up…looks like I was rolling in the sand. Jim even made a crack about me having grey hair…and I do look a bit more pale than normal.

Tune in next time when I whip out the primer and we start to see some results!
(I hope!)


12 thoughts on “NO DAY AT THE BEACH…

  1. I got tired from just reading your recap. You certainly have more energy than I do. I can’t imagine working a full day and then coming home to your kitchen project, but as usual, you’ll persevere and the kitchen will be stunning. Now let me get back to my day job. 😦

    • Some days I can do it and other days I just can’t. It just depends on how draining the work day was. I try to do little bits of work for 2-3 hours after work on weeknights, and then allow myself to relax afterwords. The weekend is when I get big chunks done. I think I get energy from seeing my kitchen all torn up and just wanting it to be put back together!

  2. Wow Kate …. that is such a big job, but it certainly will be worth the effort. Maybe you can reflect on the big job at your last house when you redid the entire kitchen right down to the studded walls and bare floors. Look how cool that one turned out! This will be super. I’m sure you felt like you were moving out/moving in again … not good flashbacks! 🙂 You’re doing great ….. 🙂

    • Thanks Mid Century Mom!

      Yes, this is MUCH EASIER than the kitchen redo at the last house! Hopefully this one won’t take 5 months to complete (or be as expensive!) hehe. I did feel like I was moving again! Not a good feeling since I hate moving! I’m sure I will will look back on all the mess and chaos in a month or so and say it was all worth it!

  3. hi – delurking here to ask about the pass through which I never noticed until the microwave was gone…are you going to get rid of those tiny shutter doors? is the living room on the other side? oh and are you going to get a new micowave? I am in awe of the whole project can wait to see the next bit!

    • Hi Veronica!

      The pass through (we refer to it as the take-out window) goes into our den (room with the fireplace). Right now I am planning on painting the trim and doors the same color as the wall to minimize its appearance, although putting a bunch of stuff in front of it keeps it hidden too!

      We are replacing the over the range microwave with a range hood. We will be getting a new microwave, but it will be much smaller and probably take the place of our bread box. (I’m looking for one with similar dimensions.)

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