The big kitchen project is in full swing over here at the Retro Ranch Revamp. I started out by tweaking the wall color to go with my new kitchen color scheme.

I originally painted my kitchen waterfall, which is an aqua blue…

…and I have nothing against this color choice, but since I am painting my cabinets a more greenish aqua, the walls had to be repainted to go with the new color scheme. I chose a refreshing color called lighter mint.

I allowed myself all of January first to let my hangover from the 1990s dance party/fondue party wear off, then bright and early January second, I got out the paint…

At first I was a bit nervous because the color looked almost white to me! (You can see the old color at the top of the wall…it was much brighter!) As it dried however, it darkened up ever so slightly and looked much better…

I know Leo, you like the room that has the food in it, but I am busy painting right now and the last thing we need is for you to dip your tail in my paint and redecorate…

Sounds good to me Leo

…now as I was saying…the kitchen looks so much brighter!

As you can see, I left the “hallway” between the living room and kitchen the old color. I think it is a nice transition between the two spaces. Don’t you love how the slightly greener and lighter wall color livens up the space and interacts with the red accents (curtains, mixer, etc.) I know I do!

I’ve done much more than paint the walls in the kitchen, but alas, I have had a long weekend of sanding and I have to work tomorrow, so I will leave you with one sneak preview of the chaos that is my kitchen…

…are you jealous yet? You really shouldn’t be. I can’t find anything and there is dust everywhere, but more on that later in the week…

Stay tuned!




6 thoughts on “IT HAS BEGUN…

  1. I cant wait to see….you are superwoman Kate! I had someone do my cabinets for me. Did you label the back of your cabinet doors so you will know where they go when you get ready to rehang them?

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