Before I started taking the kitchen apart to start the big kitchen project, the old color scheme/wood cabinets had a few last blasts…

Last Wednesday was Leo’s 5th birthday! We celebrated in the usual manner…extra long walk, car ride to the dog store so Leo could pick out a birthday bone, then home to make him a dog cake and sing happy birthday

I’d say he had a very good birthday this year.

Then it was time for Jim and I to host our New Year’s Eve Fondue Party! We had the usual suspects show up for the fondue fun…

The boys were more low key, enjoying some games and TV, but the girls…

(myself included) were much enjoying our new retro radio. Although they were camera shy at first, eventually enough drinks were had to reveal…

Yup, you guessed it. A 1990s music dance party. It was loads of fun!

Once we were too tired to dance, it was puzzle time:

One of my Christmas gifts was this fancy Tiki Party Puzzle. We had to put it together. 500 pieces!!!

It was pretty hard since it only had a few colors and a lot of brown! The girls and I only got the edge and a few spots done, but magically, when we woke up in the morning, the boys had finished the puzzle for us!

Leo even munched a piece! helped!

I’m glad I left the kitchen intact until after the holidays were over, even though I was just itching to get going on this project. Now that the last blasts have passed, the hangover has worn off and the guests have gone home, it’s kitchen project time!



    • Thanks Rita!

      My husband and I have been doing “fondue parties” on New Years Eve for about the last 4 years. Some years it was just Jim and I and some years (like this one) we have had friends over. We decided if we were going to buy a fondue pot, we had to use it at least once a year!

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