I’ve been pretty busy around the Retro Ranch the last few days, taking down Christmas decorations, hosting a fondue party on New Year’s Eve, trying to get myself more organized for the start of 2012 and even painting in the kitchen! (Yes, I realize we are only two days into 2012!) Since I don’t have any pictures of the progress in the kitchen ready to show you yet, I thought I would share two of my retro-decor related Christmas gifts, both of which found a home in the den.

This is the retro-inspired starburst clock that I happily received from a friend and coworker for Christmas! She sure knows what I like…

…and what is that in the bottom right corner?

A retro-looking Crosley radio/ipod dock! Jim and I bought this for ourselves for Christmas. We have been using it pretty much nonstop since it arrived. (It was a huge hit at the fondue party and is great to listen to when you are busy painting in the kitchen!) The sound is really good and we can simultaneously listen to Pandora Radio while charging our phone...a win win situation.

Did I mention I love the retro look of it? We purchased it at West Elm during one of their big pre-Christmas sales (plus we had a gift card!) so we ended up getting it for about half the retail price. Score!



Both the starburst clock and the retro inspired radio are welcome additions to our den!

Now all that’s missing is the lamp I ordered back in November. I can’t wait until it arrives!

Did you guys give or get any retro or retro inspired gifts this holiday?

Stay tuned…the great Kitchen Project has begun!




  1. I am loving catching up on the blog during my break. Can’t wait to see the kitchen updates. How are the victims…have they found a home yet

    • Glad you are enjoying the blog Kathie!

      The victims and Zombies are getting to know each other in my dining room, but I think it won’t be long before they start enjoying my mini houses and mini furniture…stay tuned!

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