Some of you may remember about a year ago when I was trying to repair the broken straps on my Barcelona like chair…well recently I was emailed by Jane from Jane found my blog post and was impressed by my clever chair strap fix. She wanted to let me know that Regency Shop just started carrying replacement chair straps.

They sell a Barcelona-like chair called the Ibiza Chair. Both the chair and the replacement straps come in black or white. I have had several people email me asking for a source for white replacement straps, so I thought it would be worthwhile letting you all know about Regency Shop.

I did have a few questions for Jane, who answered them to the best of her ability:

Q: How do the pins work? Do they attach the leather to itself or screw into the chair frame? Are they only able to be used on your model (Ibiza Chair) or will they work on any barcelona or barcelona-like chair?

Jane’s Answer: The pins are real easy to install, I have attached a picture of the pin. I went into the warehouse and took this picture for your blog.

The actual pin looks like a sword! You squish the handle-part of the sword-pin into the frame of the chair. Then, squish the edge (the thin part) of the pin into the frame. This essentially locks the pin into the frame. People can also use tiny screws or old pins if they prefer.

Q: Thanks for getting the picture of the pins and explaining them more. From your description it seems like you have to have holes in your chair frame in order to use the pins. This method may not work for every type of Barcelona-like chair then (I am guessing). On my particular chair, the original straps were riveted to the frame and are not able to be unscrewed to expose a hole, however I did notice that the pins are a separate cost, so if someone was just looking for straps they could opt out of the pins and attach the straps with Chicago screws as I did in my tutorial.

Jane’s Answer: I double checked for you and the new pins are actually riveted pins, one can use a rivet gun to extract and insert new rivets. So, the straps/pins combo should work on all chairs. But like you said, they can also buy just the straps and use Chicago screws like your tutorial.

Q: It looks like you only sell the straps in complete sets. Would there be any time in the future you might sell them one at a time in case someone only wanted to replace one broken strap? (and perhaps the shipping cost would be less if they only ordered 1 strap as $45 seems like a lot!)

Jane’s Answer: I agree, some people may want just a few straps, I will check this with the manager. I know right now we have box-sets of 20 straps. But I will check. (I just heard from Jane. She says: “Unfortunately we will not be able to ship single straps at this time. Perhaps, in the future.”)

Q: Is there a difference between seat straps and back straps? (Measurements? Finishing?)

Jane’s Answer: The back and the seat straps are the same, I have seen the original chair and also many reproductions, the straps are essentially the same for back and seat. (Dimensions listed on website are 26.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide)

So there you have it, another option for purchasing replacement straps for a Barcelona chair. While this fix is more expensive than the other method I blogged about (especially if you need to buy a rivet gun), it is a good option for someone who is looking for white straps or who may not want to cut, punch and assemble their own chair straps.

Note: I was not paid or perked in any way to write this post. I simply wanted to share another source for replacement Barcelona chair straps. I do not endorse or have any experience with any of the products on



  1. This is great news! I’ve been looking for replacement for my white chair. It’s unfortunate that I won’t be able to get single straps, but it’s cheaper than buying a new chair. Thanks again!!!

  2. Hi Kate
    Can you tell us the diameter of the rivet body? [the thicker “handle” part of the sword, not the thin stem]

    I’m thinking of using vinyl patio furniture strap to re-do a couple barcelonas I have at the office. Since they’re serving as in-frequent use office furniture, I suspect no one will be the wiser – and I can’t justify being a purist.

    Here’s what I’m looking at using:


    • Hi breembailey,

      If your referring to the part offered by the Regency Store, you’ll have to ask them. I have never used that method to repair straps personally. I used the Chicago screws and leather straps from my first post on the subject. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

  3. FRAUD – ordered from this Regency Shop place, and no straps were sent after two weeks. Tried to contact them – nothing. Called the company that processed the charge and they hung up on me. DO NOT BUY FROM REGENCY SHOPS. FRAUD.

    • I am looking for replacement straps and cushion for a Barcelona chair frame. . Previously, I sent an email to Regency Shop. They responded right away with “Ibiza Straps.” Then I noticed the “Fraud Alert.”
      Do you have any suggestions for a reputable place to order?

      • Hi Allen,

        Sorry, It has been years since I ordered my leather straps, and I have never done business with the Regency Shop, I only know what readers have told me through comments. Good luck on finding replacement straps for your chair!

      • I just ordered these straps last week and got them 3 days later from Regency shop. Not sure about the Fraud Alert is about. However, I have problems with removing the pins. It keeps breaking half way out and now can’t get the rest out of the hole. Any suggestion anyone???

      • Hi Kent,

        I received a few emails from people who were having issues with the Regency Shop and their orders, so I posted the warning. I have never ordered anything from them myself, so I can’t comment on their service or products.

  4. Did you ever get an answer for the pins that only come half way out? I’m having the same trouble. When I drill only the top half of the pin is removed so the hole doesn’t look dark and empty. Any tips?

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