Everywhere you look around the Retro Ranch, there is a festive glow

My new tree arrived on Monday. I love it!

(looks like it was a good thing I ordered it quick-it sold out!)

I filled the tree with all my glittery and bright ornaments

There’s the glass ones I got for cb2 a few years ago…

I have several hot pink flamingo ornaments (my Mom usually gives me one for Christmas every year)…

…there’s a partridge in my tree (even though it isn’t a pear tree)

…of course there is a Leo ornament

Leo, are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

When night sets in and the tree’s lights are on, it almost looks like it is glowing from within.

The retro record cabinet is a great place to display a few of my glass cone trees

Of course I decorated the Brasilia hutch too. Some extra garland and lights are just what it needed for the holidays…

Not even the planter was immune from the holiday glitz. Pom pom garland is a fun way to add some cheer to these plants…

I also decorated the pink room

Yes, those are pink lights with white garland and pink and sliver cone trees.

Do you know what happens when it gets dark?

This happens…

Pink overload. It makes my Shag print look awesome.

I didn’t decorate the kitchen because as soon as the holidays are over I want to start painting my cabinets and the less decorations I have to take down, the sooner I can get going on that, right Leo?



  1. Looking good – very festive! Love the silver tree … was happy to see the partridge ornament … any of the several hundred pear ornaments we got you during your “pear” period on that tree? 🙂 The pink room is awesome … especially the night shot … it does really enhance your Shag print!

    • Thanks Mid Century Mom! I didn’t put any pears on the tree this year…some years I do the partridge in the pear tree thing and some years I do flamingo/retro/glitter. Don’t you love the pink overload? I know I do!

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