As I hinted at the end of my last post, I spent part of the weekend in my kitchen playing wood shop. That only guarantees two things…

One, I will somehow never be able to vaccuum up all the sawdust

…and two I have created something new.

Wanna see?

Aren’t they cute?

What a perfect gift for someone who is nuts about retro ranches like myself?

I was just sitting around over the Thanksgiving holiday when the thought hit me

…and of course I was off like a flash to the home improvement store for materials

…after some thought and some trial and error, the mini ranch house ornament was born…

…but I didn’t stop at just two

I made a whole subdivision of mini ranch house ornaments!

Now what shall I do with all of these ? Give them as gifts?

Open an Etsy store and stock the “shelves“?

Ever since I created the mini ranch house shelves for my mini chair collection, I have been contemplating selling them on Etsy. I’ve spent a lot of time since then experimenting with different shelf designs and fabrications to get a few different models figured out, but I still need more time to perfect the designs before they are ready to sell. On the other hand, selling some mini ranch house ornaments might be just the thing to test out Etsy.

What do you think? Would you buy mini ranch house ornaments?

Feedback is much appreciated!



  1. What a GREAT idea …. they are so cute! Love, love, love them! As far as selling them …. go for it, Kate! 🙂 (Proud Mommy speaking here!)

  2. Great idea! You could also have larger models for those of us (meaning me!) who would like to have MCM neighborhood under their Christmas tree. A new take on the Dept 56 Snow Village for MCM fans! I’m also seeing bubble lights worked into the mix.

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