For anyone who was wondering, I did use Nana’s Noritake china for Thanksgiving this year.

The table looked very nice

I may not use it every year because it is so much easier to put dishes right in the dishwasher after feeding six people, plus also I really do enjoy the bright colors of my Fiestaware dishes. (I had even bought a new aqua gravy boat, but I used the fancy silver one instead. There is always next year…)

I have to admit, the table looked pretty, even though flowered dishes are not typically my style.

However, sometimes it isn’t about what is your style or not. Sometimes it is about doing something that you know your Nana would enjoy seeing from her spot in heaven. Sometimes it is about being thankful that you are lucky enough to have two sets of plates to choose from as well as food to put on them…

…and a dog that wants to remove your dinner from the table before you even get a bite…

…and family to share it with

I am thankful for so many things this year. For my adorable husband Jim, for all of our family and friends, both those who are with us and those who are far away, for our health, for our Retro Ranch, and everything we have in it, for the best dog ever (yes Leo, that’s you), for two great cats, Milton and Phil, for this blog and for all of you who tune in to see what’s going on in our lives and offer encouragement, opinions and positive feedback.

I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Tune in later this week to see what I’ve been up to besides hosting Thanksgiving. Hint: the kitchen was a wood shop again this weekend!




  1. Your table was lovely! And I think your dog and my dogs must be long lost cousins. Ours couldn’t understand why we were eating Thanksgiving dinner and they weren’t! Glad you had fun.

    • Thanks Shannon!

      I think most dogs can’t understand why their owners eat and don’t feed them at the same time! Leo was actually really well behaved, but he did get a large portion of turkey afterwards!

  2. The table looked VERY pretty. I know it is extra work to hand wash, but for special occasions it adds to the whole experience. Nana is smiling at you from Heaven, happy that you have used it. 🙂

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