My Nana (Mom’s mother) loved to entertain. She had all sorts of silver serving pieces, flatware, table linens and napkin rings. She also had a service for 12 or more in this Vintage Noritake pattern called Rose Garden.

It is pretty fancy stuff.

Jim and I are hosting Thanksgiving for his immediate family again this year (there will be 6 of us plus Leo) and there is more than enough Noritake plates to go around. I even have good silverware (silver plated) now, as well as fancy pink wine glasses that match the Noritake. (My Mom brought me a car load of good dishes when she was here for Christmas In July with the hopes I would be able to use them for Thanksgiving.)

Last year I used my Fiestaware, which is great because it is dishwasher safe, but Fiestaware is so every day and nothing says special occasion like fine china.

I know Nana would have been so pleased if I used her dishes for Thanksgiving.

I’m thinking the hand washing might be worth it to make this year feel just a little more special.

What do you think? Do you break out the special plates for family holiday get togethers even if they are hand wash only?


3 thoughts on “NANA’S NORITAKE

  1. What a nice surprise to see this on your blog. I was thinking about it when we were traveling and hoping you would consider using Nana’s good dishes for Thanksgiving. 🙂 She wanted you to have them and would be SO PLEASED to know you will be using them.
    Hand washing dishes and silverware for special occasions is very worth it. Enjoy!

    • Hi Mid Century Mom…glad you like the post. I don’t think I will be using the tea cups and saucers (not serving coffee) but I will use the large dinner plates as well as the dessert plates and of course the good silverware! I will make sure to take pictures of the table all set up! Nana would be proud of my attempt to entertain. 🙂

  2. Hi Kate! I think you should use the dishes, but I was just going to say I can’t picture Jim’s dad using the tea cups for some reason 🙂 Nana would be proud…

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