It’s that time of year again…

…time to pack up the pink flamingos

…put away the patio furniture and take down the screen porch.

My favorite “room” of the house ceases to exist from about the end of October, until mid May. It is a sad feeling, the end of the warm season here in Wisconsin, but it just means the holidays are coming and they are lots of fun here at the Retro Ranch. We are hosting Thanksgiving again this year (yikes, that is next week already!) and soon enough I will begin my baking/decorating/wrapping presents for Christmas…so I guess it isn’t that sad, right Leo?

Plus I will always have the photos of the Tiki Room to look at when it is cold and snowy outside…

Doesn’t that photo of the porch look so warm and inviting Leo?



4 thoughts on “THE END OF THE SEASON

  1. Hi! Love your blog, your furniture is just awesome! But I’m wondering….what does “taking down your screen room” mean? Putting things inside? Rolling up the screen? I am so curious! Thanks again!

    • Hi Crystal,

      Thanks! Taking down the screen porch entails taking the panels out and putting them in the garage. They are really large, but lightweight. I take them in every year because the frames are made of wood and all the snow and wetness from winter would ruin them faster. They are original to the house! Once those are in the garage, we put up a section of chain link fence to keep Leo from getting out. We attach it near the gate and bolt it into the wall of the garage. I will have to show some pictures of it all taken down. I would have done that for last night’s post, but it was already dark and I didn’t have any that I had taken.

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