I have fallen in love…with a lamp. Not just any lamp, but a really cool mid century inspired lamp. One that is very well made, here in America by some very talented people in Portland, OR.

Her name is Alberta…and we met online.

Have you ever heard of Kickstarter? It is this cool, online community of people trying to accomplish things (make a product, start a company, fund public art, etc.) and you can read their stories, look at their products and decide if you want to help them reach their goal. If they reach their goal within the amount of time they have to gain support, then they become “fully funded” and can make their product, start their company, make their public art, etc. Usually the backers also receive something for backing the project. In this case, if you give enough, you receive a lamp.

Luckily enough for Caravan Pacific (the name of their company), Apartment Therapy liked their lamp and featured it in a roundup of mid century modern looking lamps (which is how I found it). They were then fully backed by the end of the second day of their project! Even though they were fully backed, their project can continue to gain support until the end of their allotted time.

In my case, it was love at first sight. I watched the video on how the lamps are created and further fell in love with the quality and design of this lovely lamp. As the days went by, I kept pining for Alberta. I had a spot all picked out for her in my den. I was asking friends and family what they thought I should do. For the combination that I wanted (the Alberta Table Lamp in Black Walnut + White Stoneware + White Shade) it cost $275 to be a backer and receive the lamp. That is a lot for me to pay for a lamp. I think the most I have ever spent on a lamp before was $100 (and that was only once!)

Finally, after about a week of thinking about it, I decided to go for it. I had listed all my pros and cons and in the end, there were much more pros than cons:


• It is a really cool, really well made lamp that I am totally in love with
• By ordering this lamp, I am helping some really talented people start their business
• After they are officially launched, the price of this lamp will go up (according to their info) and I really won’t be able to afford it then
• The design is classic and the combination I want is a neutral color combination that will go in any room in my house so I can always move it to a new location in the house at any time and not worry about it matching – yay versatility!
• It is scheduled to arrive in January and it will really help me get over that post holiday bummer feeling


• It is a $275 lamp – more than I have ever paid for a lamp before


And with that, my mind was made up. On November 7th, I became a backer!

I felt very happy! Then a few days later I got an email saying that the color combination I had backed was so popular that they were only allowing ten more people to back that design before they marked it “sold out.” I went back to check the site and sure enough, they were gone. I made up my mind at just the right time!

If you are interested in watching the video on the making of the New Century Modern Lamp (Alberta) or backing one of the other lamp combinations they still have available, head on over to Kickstarter (click here.)

If you also fall in love with Alberta, you have 10 days to decide!





11 thoughts on “LAMP LOVE

  1. I’ve been after mid-century lamps for a while and haven’t really had much luck. One of these always pops up just about every week, but It’s always gone before I get home from work:

    Mid-century modern ceramic and wood table lamp

    Look familiar?

    • Wow! That does look very similar! It must have been the “inspiration lamp” for this redesign!

      What price range do the old ones in that style usually sell for? I have been looking for mid century lamps for a while now and when I find one I like it is either SUPER expensive or someone gets to it before me. That’s why I just decided to go for the one on Kickstarter.

      Thanks for sharing that!

      • It’s one of my favorite mid-century lamps. I wish I knew who made them so that I could do a little research.

        They come up frequently and tend to go for $10 – 35 if you can get ahold of one (I haven’t been able to 😦 ), but that’s in St. Louis and prices here tend to be a fraction of what they are elsewhere.

        I like them both, but I actually think that the repro looks better in this case. The “chunkier” bottom give it a bit more visual weight and balance.

      • Hi Nick,

        I have never seen a vintage lamp like that for sale around here, but the ones I have seen that were cool were anywhere from $30-$150. Whenever I find a cool $30 one, it always disappears so fast and I miss out. St. Louis sounds like a mecca for mid century!

        I agree with your assessment of the design on the new lamp. I do think it looks more balanced than the original version. I love it! I am so excited! Can’t wait until January! (Can’t believe I am saying that! January weather is awful!)

        I checked out your blog and had to chuckle at your latest post about gaming. My adorable husband Jim is a big gamer and that is usually how he passes the time when I am doing home improvement projects! Too funny! Maybe you guys have played each other unknowingly online before!

  2. Perhaps it was a regional company. During the mid-century, St. Louis was at its peak and was the base of operations for quite a few furniture/household goods producers, so that may explain the overabundance of this lamp here. The search is on. I’m going to have to look into this now.

    Has your husband picked up Skyrim? I highly recommend it, though you may not see him for days on end if he does.

    • Nick,
      I had to ask him about it (since he has so many games I can’t keep them straight) and he said that was the game he picked up on Friday night on his way home from work. Apparently it was the one he was playing while I wrote my latest blog post. Too funny! 🙂

  3. Those lamps are drop dead gorgeous! My wife and I have a bit of a lamp fetish, and even poached our favourite pair, which have similar lines, while in Portland a few years ago. (Sorry about that!) I was so nervous driving home to Seattle with those lamps in the trunk of our car, but Portland’s place as a good spot for MCM furniture and lighting was cemented in our minds by that trip, so we’ll probably do more poaching the next time we visit. (Sorry again!)

    • KC,

      Don’t be sorry! I have never been to Portland or Seattle (though I would love to go sometime) so you weren’t directly nabbing them away from me! 😉 I’m sure they have a wealth of wonderful MCM stuff out there! It might be worth it to drive instead of fly, so I could fill my car with goodies! Good luck on future MCM lamp scores!

  4. I just found your website. I checked out Caravan Pacific and the lamp you backed is now $500. YOu made a great decision to back them when you had the chance. great lamp!

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