After a lot of thinking and a 40% off sale last weekend at Sherwin Williams, I have my kitchen cabinet and wall paint!

What colors did I choose? Well…that’s the funny thing...

…because the colors I chose for the cabinets and the wall in the kitchen are on the same swatch strip as the color I chose for the office, which I also painted in the bathroom to match my tub. I guess I just really like this particular shade of green. The even funnier thing about swatch strip number 107 is that I had painted a ceiling at my first house “Mint Condition” a.k.a. my new cabinet color.

I did consider other greens, but I found that I kept coming back to this swatch when I was trying to match it to my inspiration photo and also decide which color looks best with my red and pink kitchen accents as well as the color of my wood trim. Plus I’m a strong believer in finding a color that you really like because chances are, if you love it on the swatch, you will like it on your wall/cabinets.

While I was waiting for my paint to be mixed up at Sherwin Williams, I noticed these little plastic Painter’s Pyramids. A quick search on my phone revealed that Home Depot had them for half the price, so after I got my paint, Jim and I headed to Home Depot to pick these up:

What might I use these for? Well they would be a big help when I am painting kitchen cabinet doors! No more worrying that my freshly painted doors would stick to the drop cloth! I bought two packages (that’s all they had) and will surely be back for more before I start the big paint job. I also picked up some Kilz Clean Start Zero VOC primer while I was there. Kilz is my favorite brand of primer. It covers well, is easy to apply and makes a really great surface for the finish coat…my only problem with it is that it makes me sneeze a lot. Since I will be painting my cabinets and doors inside, I am hoping that there new Zero VOC primer will not only make my indoor air quality better, but be less sneeze-inducing. Fingers crossed!

So there you have it!

Colors are chosen.

Paint is purchased.

Once the New Year’s Eve party is over and the hangover wears off, the real party starts.



  1. I LOVE those colors too!!!!!! I can’t wait to see how gorgeous it turns out! I finally have something to look forward to in January now. I can’t believe what you got done in that bathroom! I need you to pep talk me on my projects! You go girl!

    • Awww, thanks Becky!

      I feel like I have something to look forward to in January now too, but also something to dread. It is going to be a messy, house disrupting job. Hopefully the results will be totally worth it!

  2. When I looked at the swatches and read the color names (before reading the rest of your post) I thought “isn’t Mint Condition the color Kate painted her dining room ceiling in the other house?” …. sure enough – it was! 🙂 I’m excited about the upcoming color redo of your kitchen too. I know it will be a LOT of work. Hopefully you can roll on the paint on the doors. The pyramids look like a GREAT invention and very helpful. Always good to take advantage of those sales at S-W!

    • Very good memory Mid Century Mom! It will be a lot of work, but if I do it well (which I am planning on!) It will be so worth it! It should brighten up the kitchen considerably and give it a fresh new feel. And yes, 40% off sales are always good!

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