One of the first things that Jim and I wanted to do when we got the keys to our Retro Ranch was get rid of the shower door in our hall bathroom.

Well here it is, nearly a year and a half later, and that mildewy, moldy, slightly broken shower door was still waiting for me to just try to remove it.

Then this weekend I had one of those urges to demo something...do you guys get those? I walked past the hall bath and the shower door gave me a funny look…that’s it! You, Mr. nasty shower door, are coming out today!

While I was gathering my tools and trying to figure out the best way to start the attack, I looked around the rest of the bathroom…

…then I remembered I had bought a new mirror from IKEA about a year ago. I could put that in too this weekend. As I continued to inspect the space, I had another thought, why not brighten up the minuscule amount of paintable wall space with some color?

I wasn’t sure what color to use for the bathroom, so I thought about it while I started the shower door demo. I would have liked nothing more than to smash that door all over the place with a sledge, but I also didn’t want to clean up all that glass, so I opted for the less violent demo.

First I removed the doors from their track (which wasn’t hard because the bottom catches had broken off years ago).

Then I used box cutter blade to carefully cut along the caulk so I could pry the metal tracks off the walls and tub. (I researched this step and it is very important to make sure you are super careful when cutting around the tub so you don’t scratch the finish). After that I unscrewed the screws that were holding the rails onto the shower walls. Then came the fun part. Trying to carefully pry the rails off the walls and tub.

The wall rails came off pretty easily.

I was left with some nice caulk lines and the bright red mollies where the screws had been…

The bottom rail on the tub didn’t come out quite as easily. I carefully cut, scraped and wiggled the piece for probably about 30 minutes before I finally got it off…

Let me tell you…

it wasn’t pretty under there. Yuck, yuck and triple yuck. Next was the most tedious part of the job. Scraping all the caulk carefully off the tub and walls. It was a gross and boring job. (cue sad music)

About an hour later, I had this. A mostly clean tub and wall. (But there is a new problem…can you see it?)

When I was scraping the caulk off one of the tiles, it cracked, broke in half, fell off the wall and took another tile along for the ride. (cue more sad music)

At this point, the tub was looking really good. The wall, not so much.

Luckily, I had some mastic and grout just hanging out in the basement waiting for this to happen. (cue happy music!)

I used the mastic to glue the tiles back to the wall. (Eventually I would like to re-tile the bathroom, but that’s not in the budget for this year, so I need to make what I have work until then.)

Next on the list was dealing with the mollies.

I used needle nosed pliers to pull out the ones that were loose and my knife to cut back the ones that wouldn’t come out of the wall. (I ended up filling these holes with grout. I’m sure you could also use bathroom caulk)

Then it was time to put up my new shower curtain rod! I bought a curved rod to maximize the space inside the shower when the curtain is closed. It was pretty straight forward to install. I used a glass & tile drill bit and the templates that were included in the package and it went up in no time. Much better!

Next on the list, remove the old mirror. This part was pretty easy. The hardest part was that it was heavy! Good thing my adorable husband Jim was there, ready to carry it to the garage for me. Hey look, the wall behind the mirror is green!

This is when I had my epiphanyThe bathroom was originally green! I recently painted my office a similar shade of green! I have leftover paint! Logically, I decided to paint the bathroom green.

My green is a bit brighter, but actually closer to the shade of the bathtub than the original green from behind the mirror.

Another thing I noticed when I removed the old mirror was that at some point, someone tried to spackle the wall around the top of the mirror. They didn’t do a great job. Since the new mirror I got is smaller than the mirror I took out, some patching was in order. Luckily, I had a bucket of joint compound in the basement. Unluckily, when I opened that joint compound, it was moldy. Eww.

I did what any reasonable person would do at 7:30 at night after already making one trip to the home improvement store for the day. I called my neighbors and asked if they had about a cup of drywall I could have (no sugar or anything,Β  just joint compound). Sadly, their joint compound was also moldy! What were the odds? Anyway, back to the home improvement store for me (and Jim).

Note: Our trip to the store took longer than I had expected because on our way to the joint compound isle, I saw a piece of plywood I just had to have. (It was on sale!) We spent about 30 minutes trying to tie it to the top of my car in the dark in the parking lot because it was 2 inches too large to fit inside and then I couldn’t go faster than 30 mph all the way home because it was thumping around a lot and Jim had to hold it down to the roof of the car. Did I mention I have the best husband ever?

Anyway, back to the joint compound

I spackled the wall, let it dry overnight and then sanded it and wiped down the wall to remove any dust. Then I got to hanging the mirror.

It was pretty easy to do because my thoughtful and adorable husband Jim bought me that awesome level for our first anniversary…(it was just what I wanted!!)

…looks good to me. (I do have the best husband ever!)

Since it was a balmy 56 degrees outside (in November!), I thought I might try to fix the rusty light switch plate cover with a quick shot of spray paint…I just so happened to have some in the basement from another project!

While it didn’t turn out as chrome as the original, it is a lot better looking than the rust!

And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for!

The Minty Fresh Mini Bath Makeover reveal!

(The painting was done by my Mom in 1971. It was hanging in my Nana’s hall bathroom in Mississippi.)

(I picked up that Marushka sailboat fabric screen print at a yard sale for $3!)

Look! I grouted where the broken tiles were and they are as good as new!

Much better, don’t you think?

There are still a lot of things I would like to change/fix in this bathroom, but this Minty Mini Makeover was a good start. The room feels so much bigger without the shower door, and now I can see that fabulous mint green tub better.

All in a weekend’s work!




  1. You never cease to amaze …. It looks MARVELOUS! Love the green, love the tub without the shower door, love the new mirror. Kudos to Kate! πŸ™‚ (Love the painting too … even if I did paint it WAY last century!)

    • Thanks Sarah!

      If I were going to call it a total make over, there would have been tile getting smashed and replaced, possibly a new vanity top and it would have taken much longer than one weekend! I’m SO GLAD the icky shower door is out. That was super nasty!

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  3. Gorgeous bathroom! I found your site when researching how to remove my frosted-swan shower doors, can’t wait to read the rest of your blog. I followed your advice and the shower doors are off. Now to pick out a shower curtain!

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