When my old alarm clock (that I’ve had since high school) quit trying to wake me up after all these years, (I’m not a morning person, and this wouldn’t be the first alarm clock to throw in the towel) I started the hunt for a more mod replacement.

I’m funny about my alarm clocks. They have to be analog (I can’t stand looking over and seeing what time it is when I wake up in the middle of the night) and they have to be easy on the eyes. This is not always such an easy combination to find.

Luckily, I didn’t have to hunt for long. A perfect candidate presented itself on the very day that my old alarm quit working.

Let me introduce, my new retro alarm clock:

Now that’s a good looking alarm clock!

If you’ve seen my dining room set or my recent smaller find, you know I have a thing for a tulip bottom. So my choice must have come as no surprise to at least a few people. But the tulip shaped bottom isn’t the only thing that I love about this clock. The ball shaped clock is pleasing to the eye, and the contrast of the black face is a winning choice in my book. Add to that the red second hand and alarm hand and you have a winner. Plus, being a graphic designer, I appreciate the font they chose for the numbers.

Quite possibly the most exciting thing ever about this alarm clock…

…the alarm noise, while still loud enough for me to hear, is much quieter than my last clock.

My mornings have been much happier lately.

Updated: Where did I get this fabulous alarm clock? Why here of course!


10 thoughts on “TIME FOR A NEW ALARM CLOCK

    • Hi Sally!

      Thanks for reading! Glad you love the clock too! I would imagine it would also look great in a kitchen, living room or anywhere you had room for it, if you didn’t need a new alarm clock. 🙂

  1. Nice, very sleek. My alarm clock is ugly, very ugly. But it wakes me up with a light instead of noise so it’s much easier on my heart. 🙂

  2. I had no idea they made such cool alarm clocks! Reminds me of the old Big Ben wind-ups from ages ago, but putting it on a tulip base is very cool! 🙂 …. and so very Kate!

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