I’ve been thinking about my last post with ideas for painting my kitchen cabinets. After spending quite a bit of time in my kitchen trying to visualize how it would look painted like this:

This photo was found on an interior design blog:

…I came to the conclusion that I would love my kitchen cabinets painted this way in this color. Yay! Deciding is at least half the work. (Remind me that when I am knee deep in half painted cabinets!)

What I’m not quite sure about is what color I want the walls. I like the lighter version of the cabinet color (as shown in the inspiration photo above) but I also wondered what it might look like with a light pink wall, so I did what any good graphic designer would do…I made some digital mock ups of both ideas.

Here are the “painted cabinets” with the lighter shade of the cabinet color for the wall:

…and here is the mock up with light pink walls:

I’m not quite sure which color (or a totally different color?) I would go for. Something to consider: The den (if you click through the link, please excuse the bad was before my new camera and tripod purchase!) is already painted light pink. If I painted the kitchen light pink, would that be too much pink?

Now that I’ve done the mock-ups, there are a few things I am wondering about:

  • Do I need to paint the pass through doors and trim to make it blend better with the cabinets/wall?
  • How bad do those black appliances look?
  • I’m already thinking about taking out the under cabinet microwave (it is too low anyway!) and putting in a range hood but now that I think of it, maybe I should take out that whole area (cooktop and cabinet) and get a regular size range? I miss my range and big oven from the last house! I could then make the wall oven opening into additional storage (fabricate a door for that opening and use it to store pots and pans?)
  • I want to replace the chunk of stainless steel backsplash with tile. Maybe white? Multicolor?

I have a while to think about this because I am not going to start taking my kitchen apart and live in a half finished mess for the holidays – I’m hosting Thanksgiving again this year and we are probably having some people over for New Year’s Eve. That means anytime after New Years Day is fair game for this project to start. That also means I have time to think about how far I want to go with this remodel.

Hmmmminput anyone?



17 thoughts on “HERE’S THE KITCHEN PLAN…

  1. I like the light green walls. Gives the kitchen a very serene look. The black appliances really don’t look bad at all, but I do like the idea of getting a regular stove with oven. If you go that route and take out the microwave, you could fit a new microwave in the old wall oven spot. Finally, yes, paint the pass-through doors. I think either the cabinet color or the wall color would work.

  2. I like the all-green, and I think the black looks good with it. Adding the pink makes it look too candy-shoppe. I feel like the accessories pop better with the all-green.

  3. No surprise here … I like the lighter shade of aqua green on the walls too. I think the pink is too much and takes away from your accessories. Also think it looks fine with the black appliances. Probably should consider painting the drive thru, er pass thru window also. The lighter shade of aqua green would also make your pink table look great as well. The pink walls look great in the next room, but if the kitchen were pink too it might be too much. 🙂 Ultimately, the decision is yours of course.

  4. I vote for green and light green. It looks great, and while they usually bother me, I don’t think the black appliances stand out at all. I have a thing for each room having its own color, especially when they complement each other nicely. I love your yellow floral sofa!
    I agree on painting the pass-through doors the wall color. I look forward to seeing what you do for the back splash–some tile reminiscent of the pattern on your Orla Kiely canisters would be cute!
    I remember that inspiration kitchen well–was it in Blueprint?

    • Thanks for the input Val!

      The floral sofa was my Nana’s sofa. It is a hurricane Katrina Survivor! It was always my favorite sofa to nap on when I was little and visiting at her house.

      I’m not sure where the website that I found the inspiration photo got it from…but it very well could have been blueprint. Hmmmm I could do something fun with the backsplash. I love Orla Kiely…what a great idea!

  5. Hi Kate,
    I wonder why you wouldn’t play with a stencil in some retro pattern or even wallpaper with a retro vibe. you have relatively small wall space and it would be a fun project

  6. You are just an insperation if I ever saw one! Great job, fussy, not afraid to get your hands dirty, wish I had a bff like you to play with, sighhh…. Awesome work but you know that 😉 I’ve been following this little company out of Texas that I found one night years ago, you might like them or even know of them already, Crestview Doors? Check em out sometime… Keep up the good work and greetings from Canada!

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