I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my kitchen and still hemming and hawing about painting the cabinets. (It is the only Retro Ranch Revamp Resolutionnumber 4 on the list-that I haven’t completed or given too much thought to.)

At first, I thought I definitely wanted to do a Mondrian Kitchen paint job, and I even explored a few color combination options here, here, and here, but I wasn’t in love with any of the options. Even after polling my readers, I still wasn’t sure.

Recently I started looking for fresh inspiration for my retro kitchen color scheme. It is a little tricky because I already have some big kitchen pieces in certain colors. My kitchen table and chairs (which I love!) are pink, white and black. All my small appliances are either chrome or red and I have a lot of other chrome and red elements in the kitchen as well. All my appliances, except the new fridge are black, and though I would like to replace them at some point, it isn’t in the budget for anytime soon. My counter tops are white laminate and in great condition, so they will be staying as well.

This means my fixed color palette is white, pink, red, black  and chrome.

I really like light green or aqua in retro kitchen color schemes, so I started looking for inspiration that might include all these colors plus aqua or green. Here’s what I found:

This photo is from (slide 5 in slides how) at this link:

I like the retro inspired color scheme in this kitchen, with its crisp white cabinets and pop of red, but I think it might be a little too Country for me…I worry that adding in my pink and wood tones in my trim (I’m not painting the trim white) might be too much for this classic look. (Love the stove though!)

Perhaps I want something more retro jade green, like this:

Image from TheDesignFile: Green kitchens – the color, not the eco trend:

While this kitchen has some things in common with mine (wood floors, flat front cabinets) that is about where the similarities stop. I must have many colors in my kitchen! I can’t just stick to one plus black and white. Also, if I added my red counter top appliances, I fear it would look like Christmas year round in there.

And then I saw this photo and stopped my internet search dead in its tracks. I. love. this. kitchen. I think this is my new favorite option for my kitchen:

This photo was found on an interior design blog:

It has many similarities to my kitchen already:

  • White counter tops
  • pink, red and chrome accents
  • A soffit and flat front cabinets
  • The same decorative piece over the window by the sink

I really like the color of the cabinets. This option would require me to repaint the walls in the kitchen as well, but that wouldn’t be too terrible. I particularly like the differences in the values of the colors, some softer (like the light green on the walls and cabinets and the light pink accents) and some really pop (like the red!). Think I could pull this off in my kitchen?

The only thing that worries me is how this option would look with my black appliances (dishwasher, cook top, microwave and wall oven). Would those large dark areas ruin this look? Should I start saving for new appliances now so by the time I get my cabinets all painted (which will likely take forever) I can switch them out and get the total look?

I think at some point I will want to totally redo my kitchen, but I also don’t think that will be possible financially for at least 10 years (we have so many other things to spend our money on!) and the current state of our kitchen it kinda yucky. Painting all the cabinets instead of just the doors like I originally was considering, might go a long way in sprucing up our kitchen and extending the life of our cabinets…and this might be their new look.

What do you guys think? Should I stick with the Mondrian kitchen plan? Do you like this new favorite option better? Help!




  1. Love this so much more than the Mondrian. The black appliances might not be perfect with it, but overall the kitchen will look so much better.

    • Olivia,

      I think you are right. As cool as the Mondrian style is, I just don’t think the colors I want to use and the space that I have is the right setting. I have been noticing a lot of the Mondrian kitchens that I like are galley style, I think there are just a few to many things going on in my kitchen already without adding the multi color doors. Maybe Mondrian would be more suitable in the laundry room! Thanks for the input on the appliances. I agree. It might not be perfect, but it will be much better. I just might remove the under cabinet microwave too and put a vent hood there instead. It just isn’t working for me. I always hit my hands on the underside of the microwave while I am using the stove top!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last picture! I think that would look very cool in your kitchen, even with the black appliances! I think I like that version better than the Mondrian option for your kitchen. Love the colors and it seems so you! Even some of the strainers and cups and such are like some you have had. Chuckled at the small range … made me think of Gma’s, altho hers were always brown. How she managed to cook all those big meals on such a small stove is beyond me. 🙂

    • Thanks Mid Century Mom!

      I figured you would love the last picture…I do too! I still do have strainers like that and my fiesta ware cups too! I think with a bit of tweaking, my kitchen could look just as lovely as that one!

      The little stove is cute! I also have no idea how Grandma managed making so much food on her little stove either! She must be truly gifted in banquet preparation with limited resources!

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