I’m going to take a momentary break from showing you pictures of my trip to Germany (for all those who are sick of seeing my vacation photos) to lament the Broyhill Brasilia bedroom set that got away last week…


Someone out there would like this set…me!

Imagine my excitement upon returning from Germany and seeing this lovely set posted on my local Craigslist. I instantly showed all the signs of needing a Broyhill Brasilia fix…..elevated heart beat, sweaty palms, nervous shaking, inability to type or dial a phone correctlyI had to try to make this one mine. For all of you wondering where this would go at the Retro Ranch, it would look quite swanky in my guest bedroom. (to go with the headboard I just refinished)

I emailed the seller with my offer and then waited. (I would have called, but it was a “make an offer” situation and I usually have a hard time masking my excitement over the phone, so I find emailing to be the most effective way for me to get the best deal.) After 24 hours with no reply, I figured it was already gone, until I checked my junk mail folder. Oh no! He had replied a mere 3 hours after I first emailed and said “Sure, come look at it.” Instantly I was panicky all over again. I replied to his email and waited once more, but my nerves were getting the best of me. Luckily, my adorable husband Jim offered to call and talk to the guy to see what was up since I was too freaked out to speak properly.

Jim reported back to me that the guy was really nice, but after he got numerous emails with people offering him $$$ for his set he realized he might have something and was now taking the best offer. I thought about it and then gave Jim the order to call back with our best offer (which was fair for the set). Of course the seller was at work and Jim left a message. Then we waited again.

The next day we still hadn’t heard back from the seller, so I emailed him asking if someone beat my offer. He very kindly replied that once his wife realized what they had, she no longer wanted to sell the set.

While missing out on this set makes me sad deep down inside, I am glad that the sellers are keeping the set to enjoy themselves (now that they realize how cool it is) and that I didn’t miss out because I was outbid.

Better luck next time I guess….sigh!



  1. Ohhh…you totally should have just called and been ready to go pick it up right then.

    Best advice ever? — Strike While The Iron Is Hot!

    I always keep a chunk of change on me just in case I spot something I might be able to pick up after work or while out hitting thrifts or whatever.

    Sigh…two nightstands…TWO Nightstands!!!

    • I know, I know Mr. Modtomic, but I had two things working against me:

      1. I didn’t have cash on me
      2. It was my wedding anniversary and my husband and I had reservations out

      I figured it just wasn’t in the cards for me this time, but it did hurt a lot to miss out on TWO NIGHTSTANDS!!!! ARRGHHGHGHGHGH!

      Next time I will take your advice and hope I don’t have dinner reservations. 🙂

  2. we have a large set with chests night stands headboard in a sale this weekend in Charlotte NC ,, wish you where closer, the whole set is 500.00

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