After a good night’s rest at the hotel and a hearty German breakfast (cold cuts and pretzel rolls anyone?), I was ready for my first full day in Germany.

We started the day with a visit to the “home office” of our company, where we got the full tour and talked with the employees. The office building was very nice (and big!).

One of the coolest parts of the building was the rooftop deck that the employees could use for their lunch break, smoking break (a lot of people smoke in Germany) or just some fresh air.

The view wasn’t too shabby either!

After we got the business stuff out of the way (this was a business trip, after all) we made a pit stop at the Mercedez-Benz Classic Center.

It was a modern building, full of retro Mercedez cars and displays.

See those wood cases on the wall? They are full of mini car models that showcase the full range of paint colors offered by Mercedez over the years.

Of course since the display featured a rainbow of colors and miniature cars, it was my favorite part of the Classic Center.

This ride was reminiscent of something from Back to the Future. The 300 SL…the dream car of the 1950s, or so I’m told. They only made 1,400 of these.

Looking for something with a little more color? How about this blue beauty?

Or perhaps this lovely red number…

…complete with fancy windshield wipers…

Or if you prefer a more classic color, this zippy looking white car might do the trick…

It just looks fast, doesn’t it?

But if you are really into retro, check out this first ever Mercedez-Benz model.

The Benz Patent Motor Car dates from January 29th, 1886. This is apparently the first car powered by an internal combustion engine instead of steam or electricity.

Now that‘s luxury…

I did find a few kitschy objects floating around the place..

…even a Mercedez-Benz gets classier with the addition of a bobble head dog and fuzzy dice, right?

And after a long day of riding around in your luxury car, nothing says refreshing like Coke in bottles from this retro-tastic wonder of a machine.

Tune in next time for the most exciting day of my trip to Germany…the visit to Heidleberg which just happened to also take place on my Birthday!



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