This is what happens when Leo sees my suitcase:

He freaks out and then gives me a massive guilt trip. Leo hates when I leave. That’s why he’s been sticking to me like velcro since the suitcase appeared.

What’s that Leo?

Sorry Leo, even if I could fit you in my luggage, this trip requires a passport and you don’t have one.

My day job as a graphic designer is at the US branch of a company that is based in Germany. One of the perks of the job is that the company periodically takes the employees to Germany (on the company’s dime) to see the “home office” and spend about 5 days having some fun with my coworkers. This will be my first trip to Europe and I am a little nervous about the length of the plane ride but I am really excited to see Germany! Especially since half my family is of German descent. It will be interesting to see where some of my roots are!

Sadly Jim and Leo have to stay at the Retro Ranch, but I am taking my camera and I promised to document every part of my trip and share it with them (and you!)

So stay tuned! As soon as I’m back and the jet lag wears off, I’ll be back to blogging! Until then, drop by and give Leo a few virtual pets…and if you see my adorable husband Jim at the drive-thru window getting his dinner, scold him and hand him some vegetables!


14 thoughts on “LEAVING ON A JET PLANE…

  1. Hope you have a wonderful trip and get lots of great pictures. We’ll we thinking about you! My dog used to do the same thing when I got the suitcases out … and now Gasket does. I think pets are really tuned into this kind of thing. 🙂

    • Will do Mid Century Mom! And don’t worry, I will let you know when I got there safe. 😉

      Pets really do remember that certain actions mean certain things will happen. It’s like every evening after I have been cooking dinner for a while, then I got to fill my water glass at the fridge and Leo runs into the dining room and waits by the table, like he knows it is almost time! He’s too smart!

  2. Have a great trip! I love the mental image of random blog readers stopping your husband to hand him vegetables! Our dogs do the same thing. I started putting them outside, packing the suitcase, loading it in the car, and then letting them back in so they couldn’t see it. Crazy, but I hate making them upset!

    • Thanks Shannon!

      That is funny! Knowing my husband he will subside on take out, fast food, pasta and red sauce and mac & cheese while I am gone…and not eat his veggies!

      I have tried to hide the suitcase and packing in the guest room (we usually keep the door shut) but Leo knows when I go in there and shut the door something is up so he waits outside the door and when I open it, bam, he sees the suitcase! At least his daddy will be home with him. I only wish I could tell him I will be right back!

  3. You lucky, lucky girl!!! Have a blast in Germany! The people there are VERY friendly, and it is amazing even with a language barrier – most all younger people – like in their 20’s and below,
    speak english pretty good! And it is a PERFECT season to be visiting Deutschland! Try to take
    a over the counter sleeping pill when you get on from N.Y. (or where ever) and it will help you dose off and on to get some rest on the way there. Here to Germany is much easier than here to Austrailia – trust me!

    • Thanks Becky!

      We are leaving from Chicago and go from there to Switzerland, then take a puddle jumper over to Germany. I’ve heard I should take a sleeping pill but I don’t like taking anything (even headache medicine) and I am already planning on taking a decongestant to make sure I don’t have any ear problems…I usually don’t have a problem sleeping on planes, (even short flights) if I am really tired, so I am not too worried. Plus we aren’t too scheduled the first day so we have time to adjust.

      My best friend went to Australia when she was in high school and I remember her telling me what a long flight that was!

  4. waaaah Leo is such a sweet dog. I have a poodle too and she has a separation anxiety. Everytime we leave the house, she immediately runs off to block the door! haha..
    btw, How do you find germany? Haven’t been in that part of the continent. Have you taken a private helicopter flights to any destination?

    • Yes Leo is very sweet. 🙂

      I liked Germany a lot. Of course I only visited a small portion of the country, but I found it to be clean, friendly, great food and beautiful to explore…plus a surprising amount of people spoke at least enough English that we could communicate. (I know zero German)

      One of my parent’s friends is a helicopter pilot and he did give me a short ride here in Wisconsin, but that is the extent of my helicopter rides.

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