Lately this blue-tarp-covered pile has been causing quite a problem. Not just because it isn’t nice to look at but because a certain someone is totally obsessed with getting under the blue tarp and knocking over the wood pile.

My solution? Find a more eye pleasing way to store the wood that also eliminates the tarp. Enter the log hoop. I found this style of log hoop all over the internet but couldn’t locate it in any local stores. The hoops I found online varied in price and without being able to see one in person, I was hesitant to buy the cheap one (I was afraid it would be flimsy) or the expensive one (for fear that it was an overpriced cheap model). Luckily I found one on the Ace Hardware website that I could have shipped to the store for free! It wasn’t too expensive and I could always take it back if I decided I didn’t like it.

I needed some assistance from my adorable husband Jim to assemble the log hoop, and with his help we got it together quickly. The next step was to move the existing wood pile. I wanted to put the log holder in the same location so the overhang on the house would keep the wood dry.

Let me tell you what Leo, why don’t you go lay on the lawn and if I find that chipmunk in the pile I will toss him in your general direction.

With Leo out of the way, I tore apart the wood pile. Looks like a woodsplosion to me!

Much to Leo’s dismay, I didn’t find the chipmunk that was laughing at him.

I did however, use the sand from inside the basketball hoop and some stepping stones that I found when I was clearing out the garden last spring to make a nice base for the log hoop to rest on.

Hopefully this will keep the feet of the log hoop from rusting.

All that was left after that was to fill’er up! Much more mod-looking, don’t you think?

Not to mention no more blue tarps! I know what you’re thinking, “It looks like you had a lot more wood in the blue tarp pile than you have on the log hoop, where did the rest of it go?”

I could have filled five log hoops with the amount of wood I had under the blue tarps. Not wanting to buy four more log hoops, made a secondary pile outside the fence. We have yet to use our fireplace, but if we did, I can’t imagine using more wood than we have on the log hoop in one winter. The rest of the wood is just hanging out farther from the back door (and outside the fence) so that if any laughing chipmunks move into that pile, Leo won’t be able to obsess about them.


4 thoughts on “NOW THAT’S A PILE!

  1. Oh, I think you’ll be surprised how quickly that hoop will empty if you burn wood once in a while during the winter. We’ve only had a fire once in a while last winter, mostly because we would buy those bundles from the grocery store and once the fire got going good it would burn through two of those bundles in no time at all. If it would take perhaps 30 of those bundles to fill the hoop that would only be enough I think for ten evening fires. Not even all day weekend fires! So I think it’s a good thing you’ve got plenty of extra wood. Store it up off the ground and secure that tarp over it so that it stays nice and dry. Then you can easily refill the hoop when the time comes.

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