The sun is setting on the first year of our raised bed victory garden.

There are only a few tomatoes left on the vines…

…many of them are still green…

…Some are nearly ready to pick…

…there are even a few large tomatoes still hiding in there somewhere.

The peas are pretty much dead and dried up. We have barely had any rain here all summer and I stopped watering everything but the tomatoes and zucchini about two weeks ago.

The zucchini is still flowering though and there are some small zucchinis on the plant, but I am not even close to being overrun with them.

I’m pretty bummed that my back yard produce section is almost out of stock, but Leo seems unphased.

As for news from the front yard, the corner garden is now 80% purple potato vine. My neighbors love it. I think I need to only plant one next year instead of three. You can’t even see my pom pom juniper!

At least the back isn’t totally covered with vine. I haven’t watered the corner garden much since about a month after it was planted. Purple potato vines must thrive in drought!

(The above photo is for you, Mom. This is what a bloodleaf plant does when you just let it go. We thought it would grow very tall, but it seems to be growing horizontally!)

I’m going to miss these summer colors in the white of winter! What I’m not going to miss…

…is picking up pears from the ground! We have two pear trees. One that makes nice pears (that take about a month to ripen) and one that makes rotten pears (yuck).

If they were apples, I would have a million things to do with them, but 400 rotten and/or rock hard pears?

I think it might be time for the chainsaw.



8 thoughts on “GARDEN IS GOING…

  1. I agree totally with Mr. Modtomic … the photos are beautiful, especially the first one! Thanks for the update on the Bloodleaf plant … I really thought it was going to go UP not OUT. πŸ™‚ Maybe next year you could try one lime green potato vine and one deep purple and let them race to cover your space! Enjoy the last products of your garden … it’s been quite successful and a learning experience for next year.

  2. Please tell me you haven’t chainsawed the pear trees yet, there’s a wonderful solution for them!!! As it turns out, the pears that don’t taste good for eating generally make the best hard cider. If you gather them up and juice them, you can make some very easily and it ages remarkably well. The pears that taste good wont give you the same product as they lack the tannins that aged hard cider needs. Let me know if you want further info!

  3. You sure those pear trees that are hard or rotten aren’t asian pears? Do a little research on asian pears… and if it’s not that, then maybe there is a picking regiment that will help ripen pears. I know perfect pears are picked while still on the tree before they’re on the ground and mushy. You probably know all about it, but thought I’d suggest!

    • They are definitely NOT asian pears Rachel….there is something wrong with the tree. The pears are hard as wood, never ripen, have spots and cracks in them and the leaves on the tree also have spots. I’ve had several neighbors say that it needs to be sprayed, but I’m not so keen on putting chemicals on anything on my property…plus the other tree makes so many pears, there is no way to eat them all!

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