This weekend I set out to streamline the storm door with the new front door paint job that I started last weekend.

Well Leo, sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better…

…which means I had to spend about half an hour taping/masking off the areas that I didn’t want to spray paint. Jim decided (and I agreed with him) that it would be better to paint the storm door while it was still attached to the house because the screws that were holding it on the house would not come out easily and some were stripped. I did remove the hardware on the door so I could paint that separately though.

Jim called this the “stained glass advertisement door.”

Once all the taping and masking were done, I lightly sanded the door and then wiped the whole thing down with a wet paper towel. Then I sprayed the door with primer. Of course the wind picked up right about the time I started spray painting so I had to wait for pauses in the breeze and it ended up taking longer than I thought it would.

While the door primer was drying, I found a box and poked the hardware through it to keep it in place. Then I lightly sanded the hardware to rough up the surface.

I also stuck a piece of paper in the lock hole to prevent the spray paint from gunking it up.

Before spraying the primer on the door hardware, I applied some deglosser, which is recommended to clean the surface (it is great for heavily touched areas like door handles) and aid in paint adhesion.

Just in case you were wondering, these were my spray paints/primer of choice. I used the clean metal primer on both the door and the hardware. The hardware was then sprayed with metallic silver paint and the door was coated in gloss spray paint in almond (which was the closest color to my trim).

While the primer was drying on the hardware, I returned to the storm door to put on the finish coat.

Even though the color match is not a 100%, I think the newly painted storm door looks tons better than before.

The silver metallic painted hardware looks much better too!

It looked pretty beat up before, but now it looks brand new…

…not to mention it also matches the silver doorbell and main door hardware.

In my opinion, the new storm door color looks so much better than it did before. Now the storm door blends in with the rest of the house, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. What do you think?

I was also going to paint the iron porch support, but the wind continued to pick up. I guess that will have to be for another day. Still I am feeling much happier with my newly streamlined storm door.



  1. Oh, this looks much nicer — I think the storm door seems less out-of-place and the entry on a whole looks more cohesive. And it’s really interesting how different lighting conditions can effect the way a paint color looks in photos, as you were saying in your previous post.

  2. BIG IMPROVEMENT! You do such nice work on all these fixes. I’m sure you are much, much happier with the whole look now. I think it looks marvelous! 🙂

  3. I love it. Judging from subtle signs I have picked up around the place, I think my house, vintage 1962 used to be the same colors as yours, but it was unfortunately modernized, and now has awful beige vinyl siding on it. The door and trim are painted a peachy, tangeriney, color, and I am getting rid of that next spring, going back to turquoise/aqua. Wish I could afford to replace the siding.
    I was not aware you could paint storm doors. This is good to know!

    • Thanks Cookie!

      So sad that your house was modernized and “beige-ified”! Don’t worry, it can always be reversed! The unfortunate thing is that it does cost some $$$. Luckily it doesn’t require much effort or paint to change a door color. Go for it!

      This is the first time I have ever painted a storm door. I tried to do it by the rules and hope that it wears well. It is also important to note that we don’t often use the front door, so it gets less wear than the side door would. I will keep you guys updated on how holds up!

  4. This is so inspirational!! I would love to paint our storm door black – for the opposite reason you had. I would like it to stand out. And then the front door in a medium teal. The thing that’s holding me back on the storm door is not being confident I could get it hung back up correctly, and level, etc. Our house was built in 1954 and nothing is square. But painting it while it’s still on the door is an awesome idea!

  5. Looks like this was several years ago now. I’m wondering how the repaint has held up. We are considering painting ours (we got a new door and it makes the storm door look shabby.)

    Thanks for sharing!

    • The paint on the door itself has held up great! Looks like the day I painted it. The paint on the handle shows a tad bit of wear on the area of the handle that gets touched every time the door is opened, but it is minimal. Good luck on your project!

  6. I love the way your door turned out. I want to try it myself. I just have a question. Did you spray paint the storm door hinges also? Does that keep the door from opening correctly after it dries? Thanks so much for posting. I can’t wait to try this myself.

    • I did paint over my hinges, they are fully operational. I think as long as you keep the paint coat light and thin, it should be ok, but it may depend on what type of hinges you have too. good luck!

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