This evening I went out to photograph the purple potato vine that seems determined to eat all the other plants in my corner garden…

…and while I was trying to figure out why it got so big

…and why my adorable husband Jim didn’t mow the lawn over the weekend like I asked him, or today like he said he was going to…

…and as I took some lovely photos of the dusty miller

…and all of the vividly colored celosia, I realized something…

…I realized I had been a total door-k. I was in such a hurry to take the “after photos,” of the newly painted door that I hadn’t taken into account the light level when I was snapping away. The photos on this post look like the actual colors of the house and door. In my last post the sun was directly beating down on the door and the house and washing out the colors. I then proceeded to look at those pictures instead of looking at the actual door, which made me not like the door color at all.

The reality of the door color situation that I have gotten myself into is that:

  • If I would have waited until the sun was not directly on the door, my photos would have been more true to life
  • Looking at washed out photos of the new door color made me hate the door
  • Looking at the actual door, and allowing myself time to get adjusted to the door being painted, makes me like it
  • The storm door still needs to be painted and weather permitting, I will do that this weekend
  • I am a door-k

So there you have it. Once I decided I actually liked the door color (and the light level was better), I had fun taking pictures of it.

Yes the color combination is most definitely growing on me…

I like how the door color ties the house in with the color of some of the bluish plants that I have, like the lambs ear.

I also like how the light looks like a giant disco ball on the house this time of day…

It looks pretty cool inside too!

I might also try and give the iron porch post a new coat of paint this weekend…

I think I will keep it black to go with the pole light. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “DON’T BE A DOOR-K

  1. I like the door color and it does look better photographed in different lighting. Glad it is growing on you and that you like it. I think you will like it even more once the storm door is painted. I think, if it were me, that I would leave the iron work on the front porch black to go with the pole light just as you suggested. Looking good! Oh … and those potato vines tend to take over once they are established .. yours looks great. 🙂 When the season is over and you are cleaning out the garden, you will find a potato-like root on it that’s pretty funky. LOL Your flowers all look so pretty!

    • Thanks Mom,

      Yeah I think the ironwork will stay black. Just needs a rust-proofing and a touch up. Thanks again for “sponsoring” the corner garden flowers mom! They do look great! I have had several neighbors ask me what the purple vine is. I tell the it is a potato vine and then they ask why it is called that and I say I don’t know. Thanks to my expert gardener Mom, now I can tell them it is because of the “funky potato root.” The only bad thing about the vine is it seems to attract Japanese Beatles. They are all over it and eating holes in the leaves. What can I do to get rid of them?

  2. Other than picking them off one by one and squishing them, the best thing I have found is a spray bottle of liquid Sevin, but with a little research you may be able to find a more organic solution, maybe one with a household item like vinegar or dish soap or something. Not sure ….

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