Ever since we moved into the Retro Ranch, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the front door. Don’t get me wrong, it is a really nice (wood) door, but it isn’t really my style. I don’t mind the wood on the inside of the door, but the wood on the outside of the door doesn’t match the house at all in my opinion. So this weekend, I made a change.

First I removed the glass panels on either side of the door. They were for protecting the wood, but since I am going to paint the panels, I think the door will be fine without them.

Then I lightly sanded the entire door and wiped it off with a TSP and water mixture to prep the surface for paint.

After that, I primed all of the wood. At this point some of the neighbors were starting to wonder what color I was going to paint the door.

While the primer dried, I masked off the door bell cover so I could freshen it up with a quick shot of spray paint.

It looked like it had seen better days…

…but with a quick shot of silver metallic spay paint, the doorbell button was as good as new. (Oh and if you look closely at the above photo, you can see what color I chose for the door!)

The door color is called Aloe. I chose an aqua color because the house’s siding is reddish and green is red’s complimentary color. I thought that if I painted the door a sagey green, the house would look way too traditional. I am not a huge fan of the “red” color of the house anyway, so I was trying to look for a more fun color, thus the greenish blue color I decided on.

I painted the rest of the trim the color of the trim on the new windows, because eventually, we will have new windows with that color trim on the front of the house as well. I took the piece of trim that the window guy gave me to my local paint store and had it color matched. I am also thinking about spray painting the storm door the color of the trim (I found spray paint that is very close) but I am not sure if that will help or not.

At least the doorbell turned out nicely!

Above is a close up of the three colors together. I am just not sure if I like it. Could it be because:

  • The storm door doesn’t match
  • I don’t really like the “barn red” house color so I am not loving a color I do like (Aloe) with a color I don’t like
  • I am not sure if the side panels on either side of the door should be the same color as the door or not
  • Maybe I am just not used to the change yet?

What do you think Leo?

Leo you are no help!

What do you guys think? Did I pick a color that just doesn’t match? Do I need to go with a traditional green until I repaint the rest of the house (many years down the road from now) or do you think I just need to get used to it for a while before I panic? Help! What’s your paint of view?



12 thoughts on “WHAT’S YOUR PAINT OF VIEW?

  1. Hmmm…I think the color is great, but…..

    I think the problem is that…how do I express this?…the Barn Red color is more Mid Century Modernist where as the Aloe is more Retro Kitschy.

    I’m not afraid of color by any means but I think it would look great painted a dark grey with satin black trim. Sort of a backwards Cliff May look, you know…just until you get around to the complete repaint!

    • Hi Mr. Modtomic,

      Thanks for the input! I do like the backwards Cliff May look that you suggested…only problem is I am not going to paint all the trim this summer. I was hoping to just get the doorway more in line with the house and then leave it until I do a complete overhaul, which won’t be for a while yet (I think the house was just painted before we bought it) I wonder if the dark green would be ok with the light trim I have now, so it would be a reverse Cliff May with light trim instead of black? The other thing I am not sure about with the black trim is the light yellow brick that makes up most of the house…I don’t know if that is the best color to set off the brick.

      You surely gave me a lot to think about Mr. M. I guess I am just a retro kitschy girl in a Mid Century Modernist house? Maybe it’s like a Jekll & Hyde thing? Either way thanks!

    • Me too Olivia!

      I am not a fan of the storm door either. I don’t want to just take it off though, because the weather comes from that direction and it really does help insulate the door. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and paint it….

  2. I’m not a huge fan of the original yellowy-looking wood either, so kudos on diving in and making a change. To answer your question, here are some thoughts on the new color:

    1) The light beige trim seems to get a little lost against the pale aqua color, and in the last shot from further back they almost seem to blend into one another.

    2) The storm door seems to go with the beige trim well enough, but taken with the Aloe I feel like the three different colors together are too much.

    So maybe something darker for the door, or something darker for the trim as Mr. Modtomic suggested, and have the storm door match the trim?

    I’m not sure if this helps at all, and I realize it may be a little hard for precise colors to come across in photos rather than seeing it in person. The important thing is how you feel about it, and given that, the best thing might be to step back and relax for a few days/weeks while you get used to it, think about potential changes, etc.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for the input! I agree with the thoughts about the storm door. I think I will be painting that pretty soon. I also agree with the trim color being too close to the door color. Maybe I just need to adjust the darkness of the greenish color I choose and that will help? I also think I need to let it sit and get used to it for a while before I do anything else. I think half my problem is that I am still in shock from the change!

      Hmmmm…lots to think about! Thanks for the help!

  3. I think the change is much better. It’s not a typical color combo, but I think the aloe livens up the dull orangey color. If you aren’t painting the rest of the house for awhile, I think the aloe brings some life to the house.

    • Thanks Melissa!

      I have been thinking about the door all day and I think I might spray paint the storm door to match the beige trim and then let it sit until next spring to see if it grows on me….check back for more updates!

  4. LOVE the color you chose for the door! I agree that perhaps spray painting the storm door would help. I too am not a fan of the reddish color on the house, but I think for now it works just fine. Painting the storm door will probably help a lot. I have the same predicament as you know (not in love with our house colors) but that will soon be changing!

    • Thanks Heather!

      I think spray painting the storm door is what’s going to happen next. Then I will let the whole thing sit for a while and see how I feel about it in the spring. How lucky you are to be changing you house up! What a big job! I am sure when it comes time to change the house color, I will be painting it myself (I am too cheap to hire someone), which I wouldn’t mind too much except the red color goes all the way up under the roofline and along the gutters and I think that will take forever to paint! If it was just the siding and trim, I would be painting it next summer! Most of the house is just brick so it is really only the front that has siding to be painted. But oh man what a job with all the undersides of the soffit and the gutters!

      Can’t wait to see how your house turns out by the way!

  5. When it comes time to paint the outside, I’ll come and help. Painting is what I can do and yours wouldn’t be the first place I’ve tackled. 🙂

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