This is what I have been waiting all summer for: tomatoes and lots of them!

The garden has been churning out cucumbers like crazy…

…piles of peas

… a few peppers (these are jalapenos)…

…but I have been patiently waiting for the tomatoes….and here they are!

The tomato plants had gotten so tall that they were well past the tomato cages. I tried propping them up with stakes, but alas, they have fallen over with the weight of the tomatoes and are now all over the place.

I have been picking at least a heaping handful of cherry tomatoes from my two plants every day for a week now, with more on the way!

They yellow cherry tomatoes are particularly tasty! They are sweet enough to eat for dessert! (or at least to chase a piece of chocolate)

I have yet to taste my first home grown large tomato, but I have a feeling it will be any day now!

Sure you will Leo. I don’t want to relive the lettuce monster with tomatoes!

If you remember one of my last garden updates, you know I had a few visitors nibbling on my garden (besides Leo). They ate the entire top off this carrot, so I dug it up to see how big it was. I would say it is less than bite size, but it was tasty!

Besides my sudden abundance of tomatoes, the garden has been fairly regular with it’s production. Jim and I have mostly been able to eat everything as we pick it, minus a few cucumbers that we gave to friends. I think that might change soon though. Between the tomatoes and the upcoming zucchini crop, we might have more that we can manage to eat ourselves!



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