A girl can only revamp the ranch for so long before a little break is needed. You know, a fun weekend with friends that requires no power tools, paint or planting. That’s what happened at the Retro Ranch this weekend.

Four of our friends came up from the Chicago area this weekend and boy did we have a good time. Friday night was mostly drinking and board games:

The kitchen works great for parties!

And if you know anything about my adorable husband Jim, you know he loves to play games…

On Saturday, we went to the Milwaukee Wine Festival. It is held right next to Lake Michigan on the lawn of the Milwaukee Art Museum. The weather could have been a bit better, but it was still a great time!

That fancy triangular thing on the right is the art museum!

It was cool to be able to sip wine, walk around next to the lake and look at the city!

Our friends really enjoyed the wine tasting! (Especially Tyler)

There’s Jim looking adorable as usual. He’s more of a gin and tonic type, but he tried a lot of wine anyway.

I think a wine tasting weekend with friends was just what I needed to recharge the revamping batteries….

Until next time, cheers!



  1. Ahhhh, there’s nothing like good friends and good wine! And a darling house to have
    them over for a party in! Were they impressed? Don’t they love it?! You definately
    deserved yourself the break!!!

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