When I went to check out the raised bed Victory Garden this afternoon, I noticed something weird about the carrots

…well two somethings to be exact. I fought the initial urge to squish them because they didn’t look like a typical garden pest. So instead I went to grab my camera. Just as I was going in for a close up, this happened:

Well Leo, it looks like the fancy caterpillar just made some droppings on our carrots! Ewww.

As gross as it was, I also realized it was probably good fertilizer so I shouldn’t get bent out of shape about it. I kept taking pictures despite the droppings. This one makes him look like a monorail!

After a quick internet search I found out this guy is an Eastern Black Swallowtail.  He is going to turn into a beautiful butterfly someday! Eastern Black Swallowtails like to hang out and munch only certain plants, and carrots just happen to be one of them.

I found a few other new green things in the garden…

…looks like it is zucchini time!

I picked the largest one and we had it with dinner. It was delicious!



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